Learn how to integrate the advanced Tachyon tools & methods into your healing practice.
Tachyon energy enhances the ability of the body to heal itself, especially in cases where it takes a lot of energy to recover from an injury or trauma. The Tachyon course offers skills and hands on training in using the advanced tachyon tools (TLC). As a student you will go through intensive healing process while studying the art of tachyon healing.
Graduates will receive an official academic diploma from the University of Integrated science, California.

Adding frequent Tachyon sessions and procedures to the recovery period can have a profound impact on the recovery ability of the body and how fast it can get back to normal. Tachyon holistic healing is based on charging the body with life force, opening energetic blocks and re-aligning the flow in the body.
The natural healing that takes place is often more intense and faster then with common energetic modalities. The practice combines energetic and conscious healing, using the advanced tachyon tools reserved for certified Tachyon practitioners. Various health care professionals from Dr.'s to Reiki Masters, have founds these healing tools powerful and effective.

Regardless of your background, even if you’re a true-beginner to healing work, you can learn to facilitate a safe, dynamic and highly effective healing support.
Unlike vibrational healing modalities, These tools are unique in bringing to the healing session a 'beyond frequency' Tachyon field with a definitive impact.

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