This book was written for people who are seeking ways to strongly and positively impact their own health and genetic expression. Susi Roos is a registered nurse, an interfaith spiritual minister, and a mind-body specialist. The reader will learn, through uncomplicated language, how thoughts, beliefs, emotions, expectations and perceptions significantly support or inhibit healing. This diverse training allows her to take a very holistic approach to healing bodies, hearts, and lives.
Backed by research in a variety of fields, including biology, pharmacology, epigenetics, quantum physics and energy medicine this book reveals the prohibitive cost of ignoring high stress levels, denying our fears or past traumas, holding on to anger, staying in toxic relationships and more.

Simultaneously, the reader is introduced to the incredible regenerative capacity of the body when the powers of the mind (and heart) are consciously employed. More than simply supplying information, the book serves as a guide for harnessing this mind power.
Her studies in energy work, spiritual healing, and mind-body medicine have taught her the power of emotions, perceptions, spiritual truths, and the laws of quantum physics to optimize health and well-being.
This on-line environment includes lessons that can be answered and stored in an on-line journal to which only the reader has access. Currently she offers presentations on various aspects of mind-body healing techniques and is completing a four-CD informational program on harnessing the power of the mind, heart, and body for healing cancer.

Also found on the on-line environment is an introduction to 20 different mind-body interventions; what they are, when to use them, how to find a qualified provider and even a sampling when appropriate. Harnessing the Power of the Mind for Healing has combined the works of a several well-known speakers and authors into one slim, easy to read volume. Its target markets includes the healthcare consumer who needs greater understanding to step beyond the boundaries of conventional medicine for more empowered healing, holistic and alternative healthcare providers looking for greater understanding as well as a resource for their clients and conventional healthcare professionals seeking more information about what and why their patients are exploring this domain.

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