The Meditation Society of Australia provides this series of podcasts featuring several guided meditations. A series of guided meditations for inner and outer peace for beginners and experts from all religions, philosophies alike. Never under any circumstances say that meditation and wisdom are different; they are one unity, not two things. Ideally, you already have a permanent meditation place, in which case you might like to make sure it is clean, and if possible, light a candle and some incense, place some fresh flowers on the table. After your meditation, you might like to sit quietly for a while longer, to gather the feelings from this session, to bring your experiences in to the "real world" and not just forget about them. It is also a time where we can make ourselves very determined to live the revelations of our meditation in our day to day life. A piece of fruit, placed on the table and consumed with reverence afterward, makes a tasty ending to a meditation!
This is what we call those moments of real meditation when perception shifts from the physical to the spiritual.
So, prepare for your meditation as usual and closing your eyes, remembering an "ahh" moment, work on slowing your breath down to as slow that is comfortable.
For this exercise, we will make the leap between the 'constructed ego' and our real nature that is our heart.

Oh yes, there’s a traditional Chinese novel that’s also been guiding me each and every step of the way. So, do some breathing exercises everyday to keep your breathing muscles fit, strong and flexible. Mindfulness exercises have made a big impact on my life, so I love sharing them freely with the world. These well-directed meditations focus on a specific subject matter and are accompanied by music.
It is usual to find that sometimes your daily meditations aren't as rewarding as perhaps previously, nevertheless, it is crucial to keep practicing, at least 5 minutes a day.
Your meditation place may be anything from a quiet room in the house, a table or a corner of your study desk, to even the shade of your favourite tree in the backyard. If you cannot have a permanent meditation place, it is just as effective to create this space anew with every meditation.
No matter how much trouble you are having concentrating or getting time, a mantric meditation will always get you meditating quickly. Take a moment or two to contemplate what you have felt at the end of each mantric exercise.
All the research and experiments have shown: meditation is the biggest deal of the 21st century, from stress reduction to boosting productivity.

There, you’ve got music, breathing exercise ( plus arm-movements sometimes, as in movement meditation), affirmation and basically a good time. With more than 600 free mindfulness exercises here, I hope you find something here that you love. Most people find that after some time, the benefits of meditation are revealed in their life, even before they fully understand what meditation is. Prepare the meditation place with reverence - pay attention to your movements and feel the grace that comes with the joy of spirituality. Be conscious of the revelations or intuitions that you may be feeling - it is crucial that you listen to your "inner voice" so that your real self can begin to guide your journey. Until finally at the bottom of the ocean, at the still centre of your soul, you sit cross legged in perfect silence, in perfect stillness and there at the core of your existence - you explore your self in perfect meditation. Remember that meditation is an experience of the heart and not of the mind, for us to learn how to meditate, we need to trust the messages of our heart. Now begin your chosen meditation exercise (you will find a meditation exercise at the end of each class - links are on the left).

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