I’ve already shared with you in the past on this entry that I like to store meat I buy in bulk in the freezer, by wrapping individual portions in saran wrap and storing them in labeled Ziplock bags.
When you buy sliced bread at Costco, usually you have to buy two loaves at once.  But to prevent the bread from getting moldy too quickly, I store one loaf in the fridge, and one loaf in the freezer. I like to use agave in my cooking instead of sugar for sweet sauces or marinades, such as in my shrimp with lime recipe.  I usually buy my frozen shrimp from Costco as well!

The other twin goes in the corner on the bottom shelf, with my bench warmers.  By the way, that bean blend, chicken stock and cans of tuna are all from a previous Costco trip. I thought it would be fun to write about the 8 staples I get almost EVERY TIME I go to Costco.

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