Our programs develop and educe excellence from girls and encourage them to be mentors to younger girls.
We are very pleased to announce and introduce you to our national curriculum and transformational workbook, Girl-Swag: The Platinum Guide to Personal Development for Girls & Ladies. At this very moment, it is critical that we, as a country, one state at a time, one city at a time, one community at a time, and one family at a time, support our girls by loving them unconditionally, and training them intelligently and positively to adore themselves while striving for and attaining their highest ideal for their lives.

Our Mission for the Global Girls Initiative and the National Initiative For Girls On Body Image and Self-Esteem has always been to partner with existing organizations, groups, and schools that support, inspire and empower girls to make peace with their bodies, to embrace their authenticity and their individuality, and to provide them with cutting-edge systems, processes and tools that allow them to tap into their pure potentiality for future fulfillment, success and prosperity by setting sustainable, worthwhile goals that are in alignment with "their" heart's desires, and with a blueprint to follow through.
The way you present yourself can set you apart and give you power and credibility or it can destroy your chances of ever getting through the right doors, not to mention obtaining great success in certain areas of your life. It will help us empower our nation, and the world by inspiring, encouraging, empowering, and equipping young women and girls to create extraordinary and sustainable lives and lifestyles.

Through the Global Girls Initiative, the National Initiative for Girls on Body Image and Self-Esteem, and with the amazing Girl-Swag curriculum, I, along with an extraordinary team of supporters and mentors have made it our business to advocate on behalf of young women and girls throughout the country, and the world, so they may see themselves in all of their magnificence and excellence; it is vital to the future success of our Nation as leaders.

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