We’ve all heard virtually the same advice, and some if it can be helpful, but breakups suck no matter what. Breakups from any type of relationship can cause sadness, grief or depression whether a woman initiates the breakup or not. Susan Heitler, a clinical psychologist in Denver, Colo., says that there is a difference between grief and depression after a breakup. Although it depends on how long you’ve been with the person and how deep the feeling of loss is, grieving over a lost relationship usually should last only a little over a week, she said. After a week, if the woman is still getting “lots of negative self-thoughts,” it might be depression.
When there’s depression involved, it’s best to see a therapist or psychologist, but there are some actions you can do to ease some pain. Hi AnonThanks for your post!Please talk to a health care professional - I would think that you are entering a deep depression after your breakup. Unfortunately, there is no getting around the fact that break-ups are tough, but they are a part of life we all will, unfortunately, experience. Emily* was already in therapy for another issue when her break-up happened, leading her to seek relationship advice from her therapist to help her overcome her problems and find happiness once again.

As Charlotte from Sex and the City said, it takes half the time you dated the person to get over them. I think I can vouch for all women when I say that dealing with a relationship breakup can be rough. It can be quite easy for the sadness of a breakup to turn into depression, and recognizing the signs is extremely important.
WebMD provides great insight on the signs and symptoms of depression and when you should reach out to a doctor. Getting over a breakup takes time, and not everyone will get over it the the same way in the same span of time.
If you keep going back to your ex for one more night of passion, don’t expect to get over them any time soon. Unless you had like two dates, it will take a lot longer than a week to "get over" the relationship.
I know that you are focused on getting your boyfriend back but you have to talk to someone about your feelings - he made his choice and now has another woman.
While everyone will grieve differently, and get over their relationship in their own time, it is important that we don’t wallow too much in our pain and sorrow, as it can lead to depression and other disorders.

Those who are suffering from addiction and depression might fair better with specialized rehab for women and treatment centers that deal with dual diagnosis.
Learning how to deal with your emotions in a healthy way is one of the best options for preventing serious conditions such as clinical depression or substance abuse. 3 Simple Tips to Get Out Of a Breakup DepressionI know what it feels because I have gone through it.
Whether the cause for the breakup was the direct result of something you did or something your significant other did, the pain and emotions that follow can really weigh heavily on you.
If you or someone you know is dealing with a bad breakup take the proper steps to move past it, and get help when necessary. And I had felt in the middle of nowhere because I had no idea how to get over the break up depression.Basically that is not my or your fault, no one had taught us to deal with a break up before. All what we have is our friends advice and support.This is a skill we have to master, because all of us face a break up or divorce one way or another.

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