For me, this includes deadlifting, boozing, eating high quality meats, going on the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios, most Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes and playing with dogs. That’s basically the entire point of advertising, and quite a big part of capitalism. The thing to notice is that the real fantasy here isn’t that this promise will be kept, but that such a promise is keepable at all.
If sipping margaritas on a beach, having your pores cleansed or going to those awful nightclubs where the villains from every 1990s film hang out is all you want in life, great.

For me, this means any sort of do-X-for-time workout, actually competing in MMA fights, races that are longer than 40km, and that one time that I decided to go deep-water soloing despite having terrible food poisoning and then the boat broke down on the way back, so I spent an hour climbing up jagged rocks and leaping off cliffs and then two hours shivering in the rain, vomiting chunks of pineapple over the side. It’s difficult to sell you things as horrible, but easier to sell things that seem like they ought to be nice. This is a big one, this lie. And of course I want to believe it— fuck the Buddha— I want to believe that maybe this Ultimate Fantasy Vacation will be enough pampering, that this time the luxury and pleasure will be so completely and faultlessly administered that my Infantile part will be sated. But the Infantile part of me is insatiable— in fact its whole essence or dasein or whatever lies in its a priori insatiability .

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