Being in consumer debt to the tune of four, five or even six figures is a sobering reality many Americans have to come to terms with. After months, or years, of making faithful debt payments, you can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. If your debt was caused by unexpected costs like a car accident, a serious illness or a sudden job loss, then you might want to protect yourself from a repeat occurrence. If your debt’s been keeping you from contributing the maximum amount to your retirement plan, now’s your chance to start catching up.

If you decide to take control of your financial destiny by getting rid of your debt, the road to debt freedom can been fiscally challenging and emotionally taxing – but totally rewarding. Your present or future children will benefit from your financial savvy by having money to put toward their education.
Practicing conscious spending will help you avoid getting back into debt, and it will allow you to focus on growing your financial wealth. It seems I cant catch a break, anywhere or anytime, and winning could and will change my and my families life forever, so I keep playing with hope that one day I will win and be able to go back to college, and work again and most likely work for free.

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