It’s perfect for Christmas office parties, neighborhood parties and gatherings of friends! Before the party, print off the Wrapple gift exchange game on either perforated Avery 8371 business card stock (to avoid cutting) or on plain paper, and cut them apart. Exchanges gifts by following the italicized instructions on his or her card according to whose hands ARE or AREN’T raised. If there were no vegetarians at the party, then Patty would not be able to exchange her gift.
Once it's Ron's turn, he too will have to read his card and exchange his Chia pet if he's instructed to do so.

They only exchange gifts once with one other player when it’s their turn (or they keep their gift, if the card instructs). Even if everyone knows one another, this game is a great alternative to the White Elephant Game if you’re in the mood to mix things up a bit. Each player only goes once, making this game slightly faster than multiple turns (perfect for larger groups). A large circle is the best way to play this gift exchange game, but if space doesn’t allow, you can skip this. This game lends itself to a themed party that's sure to get laughs and make for interesting party talk!

It has become so popular that guests start looking for unique white elephant gifts months in advance.

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