FranklinCovey offers the latest science along with years of experience and research in the time management field to help you master your decision, attention and energy management. FranklinCovey is pleased to offer you a complimentary copy of the 5 Choices book upon confirmation of your receipt. Of the many contributions FranklinCovey has become known for, authoring, impactful (and nearly always bestselling) books that practically impact the way millions of people globally work and live their lives. I ran the inside sales department for Franklin Quest for four years during the time they were the biggest training company in the world.
This was before Franklin Quest merged with Stephen Covey’s company and became Franklin Covey.
While at Franklin Quest we often surveyed people to find why they didn’t prioritize: their answer was funny… it takes too much time.
Franklin Quest taught us that controlling the events of our lives brought us peace of mind.

I remember we taught the story of how Ben Franklin outlined twelve values he deeply believed in. You have probably seen the example where you have a jar full of big rocks, a jar of pebbles, a jar of sand, and a jar of water. It is an amazing visual demonstration to watch someone put the big rocks in first, shake the pebbles, and then the sand around the rocks, and then pour the water in on top and have all four jars settle together. Research we accessed while at Franklin Quest showed that it takes somewhere between 21 and 28 days to build recurring tasks into a habit. I found this looking for article like this to link to my personal Google+ new cover photo, Ben Franklin planner.
Covey, probably one of the most copied titles or headlines, and one of the most impactful books ever written.
Covey espoused effectiveness more than efficiency; getting the right things done at the expense of getting lots of things done.

He warned we needed to find time for the important roles in our life: Husband, Father, Son, Partner, Friend, Citizen, Author, Self. The important tasks that align with our roles and principles; we put them into our schedule first. Covey on the day he passed away is still one of my most commented articles… he changed people’s lives all over the world in a way few have.

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