Map of the Milky Way (based on data from NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope) showing its two major stellar arms and central bar. 90° is in the direction of Cygnus (Spinward; we know that viewed from “above” the Milky Way rotates in the anticlockwise direction at approximately 270 km per second. December 7, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Artist Paint Canvas Custom An artist uses a brush to paint your custom image onto a canvas. November 16, 2015- Featured Video - Spray Graffiti Custom Customize your own graffiti message on this brick wall.
November 10, 2015- Featured Template - Your Timeline Game An Animated PowerPoint that is designed with unlimited gaming possibilities. October 15, 2015- Blog Post - 8 Easy Ways to Better Your PresentationGetting up and speaking in front of a group of people can be terrifying.

October 9, 2015- Featured Custom Video - Drone Delivery Custom A drone delivers a box with your custom design on it. September 30, 2015- Featured Template - Brain Puzzles Infographic This widescreen animated template contains a series of infographic layouts featuring an outline of a brain broken into various puzzle pieces and configurations, Use this presentation template to build your own presentation or cut and past the slides into your existing presentation. September 25, 2015- Featured Template - Business Doodles Timeline An Animated Business inspired template that displays many business-type drawings incorporated into a timeline as well as static pages to insert your information, statistics and points. Cool way to park car if your having a problem finding parking space then try the new and improved way to park. Our servers can completly rebuild many of our animations and videos using your own custom wording.
Use the template to spin the wheel (board game style) or create a timeline to display your points and have fun.

A scary hand then pops out of the ground holding a sign which you can customize by adding your own text and images. The apple appears as a set of puzzle pieces as well as several other apple infographics that can be further customized to your presentation. Copy and past the slides into your existing presentation or use this template to start a new presentation.

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