I have come to a point in my life where I feel that unless I truly get to know myself, my body and most importantly my soul I cannot progress any further on a spiritual journey or quest.
Here is the first chapter in my new book on how to find your life purpose, higher purpose and personal mission. When I’m on the road speaking, I often joke about the story of my life as if I’ve stuffed up, done everything wrong and made wrong decisions that lead me up the garden path of nowhere.
You would think after having an experience like that, that my life would be sorted from that moment on. Download The 5 Step Proven Formula To Define Your Purpose & Monetize Your Life's Mission So You Can Leave A LegacyEnter Your Details Below To Get Instant Access To This #5 Step Multi-Media TrainingYour email address will not be shared or sold. The concepts are so enlightening and life-changing that I find it necessary to watch each one several times over, to allow it time to sink in and penetrate my consciousness. I have a very personal reason for wanting to help as many people as I can, find their Higher Purpose and Personal Mission in life, that you will discover as you follow the clues my Soul has left me in my life story.
I took it as a sign that teaching history wasn’t the vehicle for my Life Purpose or the next part of my journey. That part of me that connects me to the Divine, to ancient knowledge and wisdom, to my blueprint for this life time, to love, to beauty, to joy, to bliss and to magnificence.
That I would know what the purpose of my life was, what I’m here to do and what direction to go in, in any given moment.
Regardless of what choices we make we get regular feedback from life as to whether or not we are living on purpose and fulfilling our higher reason for being.
I learned ballet as a child and because I didn’t have the body type of a ballerina I never considered ballet as my purpose or career path. By stepping up to my Higher Purpose and Personal Mission I was engaging mighty forces, seen and unseen, that clamored forward to help me achieve my mission.

That perfection I did realise in hindsight and with deep reflection on all my life circumstances and activities.
It’s up to you to decipher your Soul’s messages and be about being the magnificent self that you are. Throughout this book and the complimentary discovery sheets manual that goes with it I’ll be walking you through some processes of finding those clues and join the dots, so you can discover what you are here to do.
I have found that no matter what choices we make, or where we end up in life we have never been abandoned by our Soul, that thing that animates us and allows Spirit to breathe life into us – the deepest part of our Self.
I connected them together like dots on a page with the stroke of a pen to find the Higher Purpose for me being here. That Soul sits there in every outcome, perceived good or bad, and it communicates to us providing us with clues throughout our life.
You have a Soul that is communicating to you all the time often through your heart – your feelings and desires. The news hit me hard and as I began looking back at my life, I still didn’t feel like I had done what I came here to do yet. I discovered how my past had prepared me for my life’s work, and how I could take what I learned and share it with others. You can use the manual to work along side reading this book to find your clues and follow your path to the very thing you were born for.
In fact I would say I started life out with a little confusion as to what to teach, but got it right in the end.
That took me to a teacher’s academy for A Course In Miracles in America where I lived a life based on transformation, teaching and service. In this way I could help others connect their life events, make meaning out of their past and present, so their future can be lived on purpose, in joy and that they can reach the satisfaction of making a difference.

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