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If you are attempting to place any other person, project, or object in your life on the same level with God, you are probably committing a form of idolatry. He will teach you that He is not willing to share His position of Lordship in your life with anything or anyone else!  Make sure that Jesus remains the primary focus of your life. These were dark, demonic, pagan religions, of which one prominent feature was the use of drugs to alter the state of one’s mind. Heathen worshipers would come to the pagan temples to find relief from their sicknesses, mental stresses, or a myriad of other personal problems.
The alcohol and drugs may give that person a brief hiatus from reality, but when their effects wear off, he will still have the same problems to deal with that he had before. People who refuse to look at themselves and find out what needs to change often develop chemical dependencies in their efforts to avoid seeing the truth.
Another large factor is not finding a large enough pool of talent here locally who have enough professional film experience or training to allow us to completely cast four feature films per year, let alone finding enough professionally experienced crew.Thus, one of the things we are now awaiting is hiring a casting director in Hollywood to cast any remaining major speaking roles for each film we have been unable to cast thus far. It is screaming because it knows that it is losing the power it has always exercised in your life! So for our purposes in today’s world, the word “witchcraft,” from the Greek word pharmakeia, would refer to the flesh’s attempts to avoid being confronted and changed.

Louisiana has since worked diligently trying to get professional instructors in their public schools and universities to train up a workforce of professionally trained film and television professionals to salvage what they can of the professional production companies who have remained and tried working with them. At Maxima Vision Films, we have experienced the same thing in this region as far as finding sufficient professionally trained talent to do here what we had planned to do in this region. I know that if Your Spirit empowers me, I can say no to the flesh and to its demands to control my life.
So right now I am asking You to help me see the truth about what needs to change in my life. Then help me to fully embrace the new life You are wanting to release inside me! I PRAY THIS IN JESUS' NAME  I boldly declare that I am no longer dominated by the flesh; instead, I walk in the power of the Holy Spirit. Our main goal though is telling stories that matter, that might help shape our culture positively, and we can all make a decent living while doing what we are all passionate about doing. Instead of running from the truth, I run to the Cross to find permanent solutions for the problems I confront along the way. I DECLARE THIS BY FAITH IN JESUS' NAME! 1. These investors are seeking individuals like yourself who are like minded, those who have a real passion for film making and television productions, but who are also just as passionate about telling stores that matter.

However, the real key is finding these like minded individuals who take this business very serious, as serious as our investors take it, those who are willing to invest into their own future, so as to help them to perfect their individual craft so that they are the very best they can become, so that as a collaborative art form we are able as a group of individuals creating a quality product.
Ultimately all of us making a decent living doing something we all are passionate about doing. A wise man once said, “if you can find a work that you truly love doing, a work you are truly passionate about, a work you would love to get up every morning to go do, whether you are paid for it or not, if you can make your living doing that kind of job, you will never have to work a day of your life.” If you are truly this kind of person, you have a real burning passion about film making or television productions and can get truly motivated about telling stores that matter, stories which can shape our culture positively, then you are the person we are seeking now!
After he began his own recovery, he helped set up centers to help other addicts."I abandoned my old life to serve the Lord Jesus Christ," he said.

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