Phobia of being alone at home, though not always, revolve around the fear of emergency situations. It has now been established that most anxieties and phobias occur in people who have less well-developed strategies for coping with difficult situations in life. A person suffering from the true fear of being along is also likely to lack confidence and belief in the fact that activities can be carried out alone. Relaxation and breathing techniques are the more natural forms of treatments recommended for dealing with the extreme fear of being alone. Likewise, desensitization and gradual exposure therapy also help the individual slowly experience the fear of being alone, first in the form of images and visualization and then in reality.
I suffer from this heavily and never realized it until I read about this I mean I knew it was not normal to feel so anxious when I was alone but I honestly thought it was just because of what I’ve been through.
In order to provide good information on Autophobia it is best to first understand what a phobia is.
Social phobias are fears that involve other people or social situations such as performance anxiety, fears of embarrassment or humiliation by scrutiny of others. Agoraphobia is a fear of experiencing a panic attack in a place or situation from which escape may be difficult or embarrassing or they cannot obtain help.
Note: If you are going to do a search, some common Autophobia search terms include eremophobia, eremiphobia, isolophobia, monophobia, fear of being alone, fear of being by oneself, fear of solitude, solitude phobia, phobia of being alone. People who suffer from this fear are scared of staying alone in the dark, in a room or in public. There can be additional phobias, predominantly social ones like fears of blushing, being stared at, trembling, writing in front of people, or talking, eating.

If you are not comfortable being around strangers or in public, you may not take control of your normal actions such as your voice, your gestures or your face expression. To get rid of negative thoughts, anxiety and depression caused by the feeling of staying alone, you should combat this feeling by being busy. Many people as well as animals are known to suffer from monophobia and it is not an easy fear to overcome.
Thank you for helping me out, I do the most extreme abnormal things when I feel like I will be left alone. They all start to be aggressive, because they know that without them in my life I’m alone (no family). I was in an abusive relationship for ten years in part because I have a fear of being alone. I want to point you in the right direction towards a better life without debilitating fear and anxiety. In hopes of trying to provide some helpful information, I have searched the Internet looking for information on Autophobia (eremophobia, eremiphobia, isolophobia, monophobia, fear of being alone, fear of being by oneself, fear of solitude, solitude phobia, phobia of being alone). The main symptom of this disorder is the excessive, unreasonable desire to avoid the feared subject.
Examples of these phobias would be eating in public, giving a speech, and even sexual activities. Specific phobias usually contain specific panic triggers, such as spiders, snakes, mice, elevators, or flying. People with this phobia may fear being alone, being in a crowd, flying, being in an elevator.

Listen to music, chat with your friends or do anything you can when being alone at home at night. It is easier when I am with someone or with my horses, but when I am alone I think constantly because there is nothing to distract me.
I finally worked up the courage to divorce him, and I have been living alone now for 3 years. Phobias are believed to be developed by heredity, genetics and brain-chemistry combine with life-experiences. These fears develop during childhood and tend to go away, for example, the fear of the dark. 3) You understand the information was gathered by doing a general search on Internet search engines for the following terms: Autophobia, eremophobia, eremiphobia, isolophobia, monophobia, fear of being alone, fear of being by oneself, fear of solitude, solitude phobia, phobia of being alone. If you love novel, you can turn on the lights, stay up all night to get rid of the fear of darkness. It is characterized by extreme insecurity, anxiety and depression when the individual suffering has to be alone, even for short duration.
I might also just be a hypochondriac and think I have a lot of phobias because I can relate in some way.
The fear of being alone also leads to bad relationships as the individual prefers abuse to being left alone.

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