The platinum triangle in Los Angeles, California is set to shatter international real estate price records for the most expensive luxury home ever offered for sale in the world at a staggeringly eye-watering $500 million.
The recent euphoria of real estate investment in spec-built trophy properties in Los Angeles has almost created a cult of luxury exuberance where a new breed of developers considers square footage to be a marketing tool and stratospherically high selling prices to be a promotional tool. With a $500 million price tag, Niami has entered the uber-luxury home spec market at an untouchable price pedestal that eliminates all but the upper echelon of super-rich buyers. With one of the most expensive luxury properties on the market in Wisconsin recently being offered at $27 million, the state's high-end home prices only reach a fraction of those in Los Angeles, New York, or Miami.

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That’s the price that film producer and speculative developer Nile Niami will be asking for the L.A. Soaring home prices, plummeting foreclosures, brisk demand, and scarce supply contributing to a surge in “California's median home price in May, marking the largest year-over-year price increase in 33 years,” according to the California Association of Realtors. This home was created to cater to the top 1% of the 1%, that elusive private island, mega yacht, jet set billionaire class of trophy property owners where prestige dominates their narrative.

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