I entered this competition because it offered me an opportunity to express my gratitude towards the struggles my parents have undergone as first generation Korean-Americans.
When my parents introduced me to the topic of this writing competition, I was very burdened with the thought of having to write another essay. In the future, I am hoping that I can improve my writing skills so that I can be prepared for future essay assignments in high-school and, hopefully, in the college of my choice.
Through writing this essay, I learned that the challenges I wrote about actually had a lot to do with the rewards in living with first generation parents. I entered my essay into this contest because I had to write an essay either about Korea or India for school.

After writing this essay, Clara felt that Korean culture has made some progress in being spread throughout American culture, but there is still room for improvement.
As a result of writing and submitting his essay, Eric feels that he has come to better understsand and value his Korean heritage. My newspaper advisor was the one who introduced me to this competition and I submitted an essay because the topics were so unique from the other essay competitions I've entered.
But through this essay, I was able to break out of the God complex that many teenagers suffer from and acknowledge the sacrifices my parents have made so that I could have a better life.
However, after visiting Sejong Society’s website and reading the different essay prompts, I realized that the task at hand was one I could easily expand upon due to its relevance to my firsthand experiences as a Korean American living with first generation Korean American parents.

While writing this essay, I discovered that I write better personal narrative essays than any other kind of essay.

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