One of the things my mom was interested in selling on eBay was her collection of Dreamsicles.
Terapeak is a great program that makes it easy to research how products like yours are currently selling on eBay vs past trends for the same item.
From there, you can see the average price that item typically sells for, how many listings for the same type of item are currently on eBay, which category(s) that item is usually listed under, which day and what time eBay autions usually end for that item, as well as the highest and lowest prices the item has ever sold for. So I started looking for some eBay tips & tools that might make the process easier for her.

Plus, it gives you the best categories and subcategories that you might want to list your item in. At a minimum, you should describe [1] what your item is, [2] give the title if it has one, [3] give the maker or marketer or artist or author if known, [4] list all marks or other identifiers, [5] specify what it is made of, [6] give its dimensions, [7] give its condition, and [8] list any special features or history. By hosting your own pictures, you will save money, and, more importantly, be able to use as many pictures as you need to adequately show eBay bidders your item. And the trick to writing a strong eBay listing is to combine search engine friendly phrasing with concrete details about the product in a way that will entice people to bid on your product.

Make sure to include all dates, patent numbers, and other information printed on your item.

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