Here’s a wonderful, guided meditation technique to help ground you when you’re feeling ‘spaced out,’ or give you an energy boost when you’re tired or worn down. I would suggest making a recording of the meditation so that you can play it back and meditate. The Cord Cutting Technique Instructions - the easy way to achieve emotional freedom, by Philip Chave.
I am pointing this out to clear up any misunderstanding because some people who also purport to do this kind of work, and should know better, have said that I recommend doing the Cord Cutting Technique weekly, or fortnightly, which is nonsense. To understand the concept of the Cord Cutting Technique, you have to realize that it's all about disconnecting from difficult thoughts, emotions, relationships or events from the past.

The best thing about meditation with aroma therapy is that you can seek to achieve different kinds of moods. Staying still, either by lying down, squatting, or sitting, is the most commonly perceived position for meditation.
The Tree of Life meditation only takes about 10 minutes, but feel free to make it last longer if you’re enjoying yourself. For example, meditation might be a lot more difficult for a busy executive with a lot of financial-related problems to face and lawsuits to settle in court. Also, it is ideally done only twice a day and this makes the TM technique the choice of most modern people.

I really think I would want to meditate more in my life and looking forward to read more articles about meditation.

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