Ski Fitness Pro – Has been carefully designed to teach you ski specific skills and ski fitness at home with no equipment.
Fitness Options – We have designed the Develop, Advance and Core Edge sections with 30 second rest periods between each exercise or skill.
David Calder is an accomplished Fitness Trainer, Expert Skier, Sports Massage Therapist and Reflexologist. My fitness transformation started 18 months ago and my expectations have been exceeded beyond what I thought was possible.
We have also added an Advanced section for advanced fitness users; where we have reduced the rest period to 15 seconds for the key sections.

Once you have paid you will be able to (log on) to open up the Programme and Training Videos.
I can’t wait to get back up skiing again to see more ski fitness and technique improvements. A huge thank you for getting me to this point in my fitness and I now have thighs like steel. David is a fantastic coach I would recommend his services to anyone who wishes to focus on creating breakthroughs in their personal fitness and well-being.
The bonus Cone Drill interval training video is for super advanced fitness levels, however if you press pause on the video this will allow for as much rest as you need.

Sylvia has been integral in the development of SkiFitpro making sure that we develop a functional, fun and aesthetic programme.

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