November 7, 2012 By Daniel Mihai Popescu Leave a Comment As an update to my post The Art of Wet Shaving, I wanted to show you a video on double edged shaving blades making. Above is a Twinplex double edge blades sharpener, with two cylinders coated in leather used to strop both sides of the blade at once.
The people say that the Japanese Feather is the sharpest and the Turkish Derby is the least sharp of the presented blades. I am going through a blade rotation, and these just aren’t the blades for me and my face. I am new to using a safety razor and started with the derby blades that came with my ej-de89. From the heavy wedge blades to half-hollow and fully hollow ground blades, straight razor evolved into an ever more efficient tool for hair removal.
Gillette’s original double edged razor blade and the razor to hold were good at their job, but recent times have replaced them entirely by more expensive cartridge razors with one, two, three or even four blades. The shaving soap and brush have been replaced for most men with foams and gels in aerosol cans that contain various chemicals.

Unfortunately, what helped to the spread of multiblade shaving systems accompanied with the lately shaving foams or gels was time, the precious time. Before any straight razor brand, model or type, or safety double edge razor, very important is the brush. If you feel that you want to sharpen your double edge blades, try to acquire a straight razor. Shaving brushes come with three sources of hair – badger, boar bristle and synthetic.
While other firms could and did enter the replaceable-blade market with their own handles and blades, no one could produce razors or blades styled like Gilette’s during the life of the patents.
To thoroughly increase blades life, some devices were invented to sharpen the tiny blades, using a technology similar with the one used for shaving razors, stroping on leather. I ordered some blades here and got the gillette blades wow big difference no tugging and very smooth, very good end result.
Also use hot water to fill your mug with soap in it, or the bowl you use for lathering up shaving cream.

Gillette’s brilliant idea was to make a shaving system that was universally required, with a limited lifespan, so the consumer would have to keep on buying. With a straight razor or a safety one, shaving in the evening will cause your face to look fresh even in the morning, and still much better than shaving quickly in the morning with a multiblade razor. The classic double edge is today manufactured in Sweden (7am), Russia (Astra, Gillette, Iridium, Rapira, Nacet, and Polsilver), Greece (Bic), Germany (Bolzano, Croma, Merkur, and Wilkinson Sword), Israel (Crystal and Red Personna), Turkey (Derby), Korea (Dorco), Japan (Feather and Kai), Egypt (Lord and Shark), Bangladesh (Shahzad and Sharp), India (Supermax), and Pakistan (Trig). The back side of the blade which is the flatter of the two sides and is known as the Omote side and the front side of the blade which usually has a stamp in Japanese Kanji is more curved and known as the Ura side. Little bit expensive is the badger brush (explained a little bit on the previous post on shaving), otherwise important is the beard to be softened enough to allow a smooth cut. A classic double edge blade may be frail as well, but it’s considerably cheaper and offers a greater shaving comfort, if used properly.

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