8 Ways to Combat Depression and Reduce Social Anxiety - Social Anxiety Disorder Self Help Strategies.
While there are many possible causes, one thing many people with social anxiety have in common is that they also suffer from depression. For this reason medication is commonly administered for both social anxiety and depression, but it’s not exactly cheap. While you should always seek professional help if you suffer from depression or severe social anxiety, there are a number of ways you can reduce depression without spending a single dime. Research have shown that when you focus your attention outward rather on inward it helps ward off your negative thoughts and feelings and it can make you appreciate more on what’s around you.
Alcohol tends to be the easiest way to forget momentarily about problems, which is why many people undergoing depression or social anxiety turn to alcohol and drugs to relieve the symptoms.
Overcoming Social Anxiety NewsletterGet daily self help articles on overcoming social anxiety. FREE eBook and daily self help tips for improving your mindset, self esteem and reducing your social anxiety as a result. This site shares help and advice on overcoming social anxiety disorder through learning to think, feel and behave in a happier and healthier way.The information on this site is provided as advice only. Depression is a disease that is too deep and complex to describe in one blog post,  there are times when I have to do a mood makeover to keep myself from vegging out and getting nothing done.
Writing out a gratitude list helps you to feel grateful, and based on the law of attraction if you are feeling grateful more things will appear in your life that make you feel grateful in the future. It’s a double edged sword because the isolation from other people and lack of activity caused by social anxiety can make you feel depressed while feeling depressed can make you want to avoid contact with other people. You should come to terms with yourself and accept the reality that depression can be a physical illness just like cancer, leukemia or diabetes.

Open up to someone you can trust who can provide you with emotional support and help you seek out treatment options. But doing 30 minutes or more of intensive exercises has shown to improve the symptoms of social anxiety and depression. A lot of people have made this mistake and have put their jobs, relationships and life at risk.
Having contact with pets, plants, parks and beautiful sceneries reduces stress and can boost your mood. A Mediterranean-style diet, rich in veggies, fruits, nuts, whole grains, and fish, is a good way to lower the risk of developing depression, according to a 2009 study in the Archives of General Psychology.
But you may have to steer away from alcohol and especially illegal drugs which can interfere with depression medications and alter your mood in a bad way. Depression is common among insomniacs and patients who are depressed often find it hard to sleep at night.
Full recovery and gaining a happier, objective and healthier state of mind only comes from changing your thought processes and lifestyle in the long run. Thankfully, she was able to learn how to now let it get in the way of living a happy, fulfilling life and that changing the way you think can change the way you feel. This one is simple, get up and head outside for a walk (or a run if you are able) or start at the beginner level with yoga in your living room.
I prefer to drink my green tea with a drop of lemon juice and three spoon-fulls of raw sugar.
Depression is a dark illness, but with help from those you love, the earth, and learning to take control of your own mind it is something that anyone can overcome!
Stop blaming yourself and your inadequacy to control your situation, you can’t recover from depression if you continue the same mindset all throughout your therapy.

By doing a regular exercise everyday can make a difference to your energy levels and a good stimulation of endorphins, a kind of hormones that help you feel better about yourself. Negative thoughts rules all over your head when you are depressed and this often alters your judgment on almost everything, so it is better to delay any important decisions you want to take and wait until you are in the right state of mind. There’s no better time to start then the present, so consider following some of these tips to reduce your depression and social anxiety in the process. Anything that gets your blood flowing and helps to create endorphins will help with depression. I love this oil and I use it whenever I feel that I am being pulled in one too many directions."Everyone experiences moments of disconnectedness or anxiety. We choose a day, usually Friday and make sure we rest, eat well, read, write, spend time with each other and people that we love, and make sure to leave any type of work for another day. By honoring this day each week we are able to focus our intention on this day towards resetting ourselves for a new week and subconsciously our minds follow suit. We can both tell when we forget to honor this day and have learned to cherish the mental recharge it brings. Again, this does not have to be a religious ideal it can simply be a way to decide for yourself and your family to take a break.

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