Channel 4 is providing a great service by highlighting the issue of hoarding, but so far the solutions being offered are of limited effect and out-dated.
At this stage, if the client finds it useful, I teach them some techniques they can use very easily whilst they declutter if at any point they feel challenged (or they can just contact me and ask for some extra support).
As Stelios Kiosses rightly says in the programme, hoarding reflects what is going on inside us. The programme makers may not believe they have any responsibility to share the most effective solutions as part of making good TV; I would argue that if they did, their ratings would be even higher. This week, after 6 weeks of treatment, the only evident improvement for Margaret is some recognition of a possible cause of the hoarding behaviour, one clear room and slow progress to declutter the rest. As Margaret stands in the middle of her cluttered kitchen at the end of the programme and resolves to clear it, she does not strike me as a woman whose inner burden has been cleared.

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