DebtCalc allows you to enter all of your debts and then see a plan with the click of a button that can save you thousands and pay off your loans quicker. By having DebtCalc analyze your debts you can quickly produce a schedule of payments that will show exactly how much to pay on each debt each month to minimize the Interest you will pay and the amount of time it will take you to become debt free. As well, DebtCalc includes QuikCalc's Amortization Schedules Plus!, Amortization Tables and Solve for Missing Number features.

The Debt Elimination Planner allows you to enter all manner of debts including loans, mortgages, credit cards and lines of credit. Enter your debts and the very Next Tab shows you how long it will take to become debt free and just how much it would cost you making your current or minimum payments. After you enter your debts, just click the Proposed Plan tab and you will immediately have your answer.

Print off the Proposed Plan Schedule of Payments report and you will have an exact list, month by month, debt by debt of the payments you will need to make to achieve your goal of saving money and become debt free faster.

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