You’ll learn about the science of meditation and the effects of meditation for physical and mental health. Whether it’stechniques, mantras, mindfulness meditation, breathng meditation or any other kind of meditation, these activities offer us the relaxation and focus we need.
These different forms of meditation offer different benefits, from relaxation to improved focus to building energy (prana, chi, qi etc.). In mindfulness meditation, the practitioner comes to recognise truths about themselves by quietly and nonjudgmentally observing their mind.Mindfulness meditation is also about living in the moment.
When we practice mindfulness meditation, we focus absolutely on one element of the present moment. If washing dishes, for instance, we would perform mindfulness meditation by placing our focus 100% on the process of the cleaning.
Generally the person meditating will close their eyes and focus on the feeling of their breath entering and leaving through their body.Breathing meditation is one of the most relaxing forms of meditation.
Zen Walking Meditation is great for developing the mind body connection and for promoting relaxation.In Zen Walking Meditation the practitioner walks up and down a straight path of around 40 feet in length. Those of the Hindu faith may, for instance, recite a mantra for money or marriage or for having a child.

For instance, a person who has been suffering from anxiety and depression may meditate on the mantra “I am feeling calm and happy.” This is a very simple mantra but when recited many times through meditation it serves to make the individual’s mind believe that they are feeling calm and happy. Once the mind is still, the individual extends loving kindness towards themselves, reciting a mantra that shows love and compassion for themselves. The individual next repeats this loving kindness meditation for their family, then for their friend, then for colleagues, then for a neutral person, then for a difficult person (some may call this person an “enemy” but those of the Buddhists faith would not term it so).Loving Kindness Meditation creates a sense of universal love and compassion in the mind of the practitioner. There are business mantras (“We are creating a successful and sustainable business,” for instance), sports mantras (“Just do it!”) and many other types of mantras.In religion and spirituality different groups have different mantras. Some mantras, for instance, must be recited a certain number of times, at a certain time of day, at a certain time of the year, or while making an offering to a certain god. Some mantras may only need to be recited 108 times where others may need to be recited over 10 000 times.There are thousands of mantras for all different purposes. Certain meditation practices are not ideal for people with physical limitations (movement based meditations). This research has used EEG, fMRI and more to learn what happens in the body when meditating.Richard Davidson and Jon Kabat Zinn have shown that activity in the anterior brain increases after regular mindfulness meditation practice.
The study used insight meditation training and brain scans to show that individuals who practice insight meditation for 40 minutes a day increased their brain thickness.

The same readings were taken of people who had been practicing loving kindness meditation for only a short time. Provided an individual makes sure to research meditation properly before beginning, there is little reason why meditation cannot be self taught.It is best to begin with the easiest form of meditation, which is breathing meditation. Beginning meditation for anxiety is simple and practically all forms of meditation will offer benefit to those suffering with anxiety. The best form of meditation for confidence, however, is candle based visualisation meditations.
Because of the health benefits of meditation (see link above) meditation is also very powerful for healing.

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