Furthermore, not even these men were able to contribute to my knowledge. __________________ 8 At least, not compelled before entering maturity and a full under-standing of what his own return meant. He, Yah`shua was deeply Torah-Observant, and coming from the House of Judah, in His quest to find and reclaim the `Lost Sheep of the House of Israel`, He showed Himself as upholding and adhering to Torah as an example to those `Lost Sheep of the House of Israel`, Galatians etc, who had centuries earlier fully rejected Torah Observance.
In Hebrew it is Ma`aseh Ha Torah and were rabbinical customs and commandments on how one should live and be counted worthy to receive Eternal Life.

The word Nymlsm (meshelmin) that I have translated as "end" can also mean "complete", and to "complete in flesh" means to terminate after life with no redemption afterwards. 115 Entire for Torah in one word is fulfilled, you will love to your neighbor as you would yourself.

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