The calendar pages are strictly for Creative Savings blog posts {what I’m going to write about and when}. Andrea is an artisan and teacher trying to live a handmade and homemade lifestyle with her husband in Eastern Canada. These creative shared bedroom ideas are for those of parents who live in a small home and have multiple children. But I also started noticing that quite a few of them were achieving this all-American dream in less traditional ways. All they did was use a little research and an open mind to find a way to own the roof over their heads. A highly motivated seller might be willing to help you find ways to afford the house and obtain a mortgage.
If you’re looking for ways to cut down on beauty costs, and still create a natural, effortless look, these 6 ideas are a must-try! Whether you are a stay-at-home mom trying to earn a little extra income or are filled with the entrepreneurial spirit, these posts cover several aspects of making money in less traditional ways.

She is passionate about growing her own food, cooking healthy meals, using herbs for healing, nurturing creativity, and finding joy and blessings in the every-day moments of life. Ask around or do some internet research, then read 3 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Rx Without Insurance for even more ideas and savings! Shop the Dollar Store for Accessories {or DIY Your Own} – The dollar store is THE best place to find frugal place settings, plastic cups, streamers, balloons, and more.
Grab Free Samples – One of my favorite ways to try new makeup is through free samples. Carrie offers great ways to spend time with your sweetheart without going over your budget. If you use coupons to save your family money, then check out this blog post that offers great ways to organize your coupons.
This newly single mom talks about returning to her frugal roots and how she included her children in the plan.

Learn why you should start saving for your child’s college as soon as possible and find out about some ways to do that. Take a look at what the recent market lows mean for investing, and get advice on some ways to wisely invest in this environment.
And now that we have learned other ways to grease the pans once they are clean we won’t have to do it ever again.
The web is full of information on how to save money, pay off your mortgage, live more frugally, and do more with less.My great-grandmother grew up in England at a time before television, telephone, internet, credit cards, and shopping malls.

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