Nigel Wellings is a psychoanalytic psychotherapist and author who works within a broadly contemplative perspective. Psychotherapy can be about more than treating symptoms; it can be a path to living a more fulfilling life. Additionally, I have trained extensively and am certified in several, distinct coaching modalities, among them the highly regarded CTI – The Coaches Training Institute. Entirely secular, my practice of counseling, coaching, and psychotherapy is deeply rooted in my personal practice of meditation, which helps me to stay centered in an unbiased and unconditionally empathetic and accepting space, holding the inherent wisdom, yearnings, and wholeness of each individual as a guiding principle.

He first attempted to practise mindfulness in his late teens and has been engaged with the relationship between psychotherapy and meditation for the last forty years. But perhaps even more compelling is the ability of psychotherapy to help us counter our tendencies to stay in our comfort zones, and to challenge us to open ourselves to the aliveness and dynamism of the ever-evolving now. I have worked as a psychotherapist at the Department of Social Services with survivors of sexual abuse and non-offending parents and also with adolescents in the throes of great angst and destructive behaviors. With Elizabeth McCormick, he has published several books, including Nothing to Lose: Psychotherapy, Buddhism and Living Life.

His essay ‘With Buddha in Mind, Mindfulness-based Psychotherapy in Practice’ was recently published in Crossroads in Psychoanalysis, Buddhism and Mindfulness.

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