To continue this girl power streak, we decided to round up some musical role models that are changing the mindset of women, one power ballad at a time. We hope these songs help you start off your week on a positive note — pun absolutely intended. Florence + the Machine has the ability to capture emotion perfectly, which you can really feel as this song escalates. Love the message of this song, and I think it’s a great touch to have different girls sing Colbie’s lyrics in the video. Being brave isn’t always easy, but hopefully this song will give you the courage to do just that.

At the end of the episode, after having an awful day, Hannah plays this song to decompress and ends up dancing around her room alone, and loving it. If you’ve been feeling put down lately, you can relate to this song and hopefully find the strength to feel confident in your own skin.
King understands, as do all members of the Khafre, Inc family, that a healing will come through recognition and a true recounting of the history of cotton and its impact in the South.In September, 2009, Khafre, Inc, based in Indianola, Mississippi, embarked upon a journey designed to thank the sons and daughters of the South who helped, albeit it without accolades, fanfare, or even recognition, build the cotton empire that fueled the American economy for nearly two centuries. Indeed, it is "The home for artful giving, music and songs," as Chicago-based Blues promoter Lynn Orman Weiss described da' House on her most recent visit to the Delta.

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