The other great factor underlying the increasing realism of maps of the inhabited world in the Hellenistic Period was the expansion of the Greek world through conquest and discovery, with a consequent acquisition of new geographical knowledge.
While there was a considerable blending and interdependence of Greek and Roman concepts and skills, the fundamental distinction between the often theoretical nature of the Greek contribution and the increasingly practical uses for maps devised by the Romans forms a familiar but satisfactory division for their respective cartographic influences.

Like China did before their currency was floated in the global currency markets, unhitched to the dollar (it will be explained this way after it happens).The Fed knows that inflation can slow down the economy because inflation reduces the value of assets, and inflation undermines business confidence. Despite all of the efforts of government economists to tell us that inflation is tame, over the past four years, consumer prices for prescription drugs, food, and energy have increased steadily.

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