Pick Your Bike: There are hundreds of bikes to choose from, so make sure you end up with one that works for your route. Biking to work can make for a relaxing start and end to your day, just make sure you’re prepared and enjoy the ride! As soon as you start riding your bike to work, especially if you seek out some quiet routes, you’ll learn how the different parts of your town or city link together. If you are a traveling around London and have a fold up bike you can take it on any tube at any time. Not only will regularly riding your bicycle to work help to get you fit, it will also teach you a lot about your body and how far you can push it.
I’ve been biking to work pretty much ever since, including to my current job at General Mills where I work in Global Communications. With that in mind, we thought we’d share what we’ve learned to make it a little easier for others who want to begin commuting. You can turn ANY bike into a commuter utility bike just by wearing a backpack and carrying a lock. Organize with your fellow workers to get showers, bike parking and storage, and commuter tax credits for riding to work! If you are on a normal bike you cannot take it on the tube between 0730 and 0930 or between 1600 and 1900 and outside of that only on particular tube lines. I was 15, didn’t have a driver’s license, and biked the seven miles to my job scrubbing decks on a riverboat in downtown St.

We’ve picked up a lot of tips over the years and are thankful that General Mills – a League of American Bicyclists’ Bicycle Friendly Business – supports us and other bikers in so many ways.
On June 13, General Mills will hold its bike-to-work event at our Main Office in Golden Valley, Minn. You can use your bike to ride to work, go get bagels, or pick up some gas for the lawn mower.
Think about your outfit ahead of time and figure out what will work as a biking outfit and an office outfit (depending on how formal your office is, this will vary). There are a lot of lakes in Minnesota, and Dan knows of a biker who got a fishhook in the eye from someone casting from shore. When I was kid, my best friend and I would dream about having a narrow, paved trail just for bikes. Baskets, whether in front on the bars or in back like the old newspaper baskets are also a great way to increase your bike’s cargo capacity. Some offices have bike rooms, which is ideal, but if your office doesn’t, see if there is a safe place to lock your bike up outside (and invest in a good lock!). I also have two white flashing lights on the front of my bike and two red flashing lights on the rear.
Plus, it’s illegal in most jurisdictions to wear earphones while riding a bike or driving a car. Commuting helps you reach that goal – and still gets you to work, which saves time and a trip to the gym.

Some offices won’t allow you to bring your bike into the building so make sure you figure out exactly where your bike is going to go before you ride to work.
So if you want to wear a skirk to work, throw on a pair of leggings underneath for the ride (or put the skirt in a backpack and change once you’re at the office). And in many cases, it’s actually a bit faster to go by bike, plus you get a little physical activity into your day, which makes you a better, more relaxed and functional worker. My route takes me along a bike path across the Stone Arch Bridge that spans the Mississippi River – with the old Pillsbury mill on one side and Washburn Crosby mill (predecessor to General Mills) on the other.
But if you’re going to use a bike for transit or errands, see our “Basics of Bicycle Safety” page, and then check out these tips for making it easier. And remember—dressing “bright” for visibility and “tight” so nothing gets tangled in your bike is best! Blinking and steady lights on your bike can help you be seen by other traffic, whether it’s day or night. It’s designed for a more serious ride but also is perfect for layering during your commuting ride.

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