Spring cleaning reinforces the feeling of starting fresh, and it's a great way to maintain optimal health as we move into summer.
Before you can clean anything, you have to get rid of some those unused items causing clutter. Many people take a month-long approach to cleaning, focusing on the areas most in need of attention, and working their way backwards. Check out EatDrinkBetter’s 4-step Spring Cleaning Checklist for the busiest room in your house.

Hopefully you’ve moved a lot of stuff out of its usual spot while cleaning, and the put-back process is a great time to develop a system that will keep everything orderly until the next big cleaning. Sometimes, however, spring cleaning can be a daunting task, especially when you're working to keep chemical toxins and harsh fragrances out of your home. The good news is, it’s remarkably simple to make your own safe and effective cleaning products. Blogger Lindsay Dahl has 10 tips for cleaning up indoor air, like changing your furnace filters and skipping the fabric softener.

Inhabitat has rounded up six of the greenest spring cleaning tips, products, and DIY recipes so that you can start the season off right. Check out OrganicAuthority’s guide to naturally deep cleaning your carpet and this checklist specifically for spring cleaning bedrooms.

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