While you probably won’t find Canada gracing the postcard rack of a travel agency (if you can even find one of those in real life), it’s become one of the most popular travel and vacation destinations across the globe. At least, it used to be, but when you use our tool for finding cheap tickets to Canada you’ll never have to worry about planning out that trip months in advance or taking a spur of the moment trip to this beautiful nation. Hopefully this quick guide gives you a bit of extra insight into what Canada has to offer, and why you’ll want to purchase a cheap flight to Canada as soon as possible! Though the United States regularly bills itself as the “melting pot” of the world, the truth of the matter is Canada has at least as much cultural diversity – and probably puts it on a more prominent display.
Parts of Canada are very distinctly French-Canadian, whereas other parts of Canada seem to echo their neighbors of Greenland, Iceland, and other Nordic regions. Obviously, hockey is a big deal in Canada (but you probably already knew that), but there are a number of other major sporting events that you’ll want to check out while you are here. It sounds like a bit of a cliche or one of those labels that gets slapped on a country from the rest of the global community but in this case Canada truly is one of the cleanest countries you’ll ever see. Once you step outside of these major urban areas, the cleanliness of Canada is only put on more prominent display. Though you may not have the same kind of passionate foodies flocking to Canada to enjoy national dishes quite the same way that you have people flocking to France, the cuisine in Canada is amazing and very, very regional. If you are serious about purchasing cheap flights with the help of our website and cheapest flight to Canada checking tool, you’ll want to consider the following things.

Even though a Canadian summer is quite warm, it’s never going to resemble a tropical destination. Canada has two national languages, English as well as French – and it will certainly be helpful if you have a little bit of French under your belt when traveling to specific regions. The eastern part of Canada is much more of the French-speaking part of the nation, and in cities like Montreal you’ll find it to be nearly indispensable. Even if you are planning on visiting the major cities with your cheap flights, make sure that you take at least a little bit of time to poke outside of the city limits and see everything Canada has to offer as far as nature is concerned.
The Canadian side of Niagara and the Canadian Rockies are absolutely breathtaking, and there are parts of Nova Scotia that could transform the way you think of our world forever. Our cheap flights to Canada with just about guarantee that you find the best and cheapest flight to Canada available, as we go through all of the popular airlines that service this nation to get you the lowest prices available at that particular point in time.
SO HAPPY.We were in the mall for the showing of Interstellar at CGV, had about a good hour to kill, so stopped by the new H Mart, wasted a significant amount of time at Daiso, and THEN noticed this bookstore as we were ready to head in to the theater.
You’ll also find parts of Canada that are a bit like the Wild West of the United States, filled with frontier experiences that you would not have been able to take part in anywhere else! Each of the Canadian major cities (including Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal just to name a few) feel like they are cleaner than other major cities across the globe – and the air itself even feels easier to breathe!
The wilderness of Canada is a key and integral part of this nation, and rather than try to industrialize every square inch of their amazing country they have done everything in their power to respect and uphold the glorious natural beauty that is this country up North.

Lobster in Nova Scotia, poutine (french fries and gravy) in Quebec, and buffalo steaks in Alberta or Chinese dishes all the way west in Vancouver is going to help you fully appreciate Canada’s culture through their food. Make sure that you are prepared for cold, windy, and sometimes overcast days – especially if you anticipate taking a cheap flight to Canada and getting out into their wilderness. However, you can certainly get away with only speaking English in Canada and still make do quite well. Vancouver is probably the perfect city to see the blend of modern and natural elements on display throughout Canada, so see if you can grab some cheap tickets there! Just think of it like this – packing for Canada is going to take you longer than it will to find the best cheap flights to Canada!
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