My daughter has my surname as her biological father and I weren't married and split when I was a few weeks pregnant. A.A person with parental responsibility for a child can change the child’s name without any special procedure simply by calling the child by the new name. In some cases, a father without parental responsibility could get a court order overturning a change of name if the court decides that the name change is not in the child’s best interest. Hi, my daughter is nearly 5, and she has her fathers surname, and he is in the birth certificate he was hit and miss seeing her and hasn't seen her for the last 12 months, unfortunately he passed away a few months ago, his family have never had anything to do with her and still now after his death they haven't been in contact! Jackabella - Your Question:Hi my son has my surname and I'm getting married so wanted to change it to my new married name. I recently got married and my daughter who is 17 has my maiden name but would now like to change it to my married name. After 28 years of searching I have found my daughter only to discover her mother had changed her name without parental consent, when she was 8, apparently she demanded the school my daughter was attending call her by her new husbands name, no documents, no paper work,at 18 she asked her mother for these documents and was told they did not exist consequently she can't get a driving licence or passport as she can't prove she had been using that surname. Primary sources were created at or close to the time of the event by someone with personal knowledge of the event (for example, a birth date provided by the family doctor for the birth certificate). It's very easy to start researching one line of thought, become interested in another, and change direction, all in a matter of a few minutes.
If objections are raised to the proposed change of name, you could apply for a court order approving the new name.For a child under 16 years of age, the name can be changed without the child’s permission.
She now has an original copy of her birth certificate with my surname on it I registered the birth of my daughter myself.

Yes if you have parental responsibility, your consent should have been given before any names were changed. My son has my surname not his father'.I am due to marry and want to change my sons surname so he is the same as his brother and me (no one will be using my old name)my ex has refused to agree to the name change as he doesn't want me to marry. One parent cannot change the name of a child without the other parent's consent, if they both have parental responsibility (which as the mother you automatically have).
However, a child who objects to a change of name could apply for a court order reversing the change. I'm with another partner and have another child, my son from my previous has been asking to change his surname to the same as me. This has been made worse over the past year when there's been no contact or birthday cards - just nothing. For example, if it's an exact date of birth, then the source is most likely a birth certificate or tombstone inscription. These built-in quality checks help you quickly identify questionable data, such as very young girls or elderly women giving birth. However, anyone else with parental responsibility will also have to agree to the Change Of Name. The court would take into account the child’s maturity and understanding of the situation, and any adverse impact it thinks the change could have on the child’s wellbeing.Proving a Change of NameFor everyday life it is sufficient simply to tell people that you wish the child to be known by a new name. But my ex partner is his father is on the birth certificate , but he has nothing to do with him like I've said.

If my Daughter, should I get married one day, can have her name changed to my new name, rather than retaining my maiden name.
If it is an approximate year of birth, then it may have come from a census record or marriage record. But the only thing that's stopping him is that he thinks his dad won't have to pay any maintenance for him if he changes his name, and we are living on a low income and benefits. At the bottom of the drawer was a sack filled with Mom's important papers, such as her birth certificate, marriage license, photographs, and other documents. A statutory declaration is a formal document, on which your signature must be witnessed by a solicitor, which could be used to state officially that the child’s name has been changed.Re- registering the Birth to Show the Change of NameA name entered on a birth certificate cannot be changed on the original certificate unless it was spelled incorrectly. However, a birth can only be re-registered to show the name of the biological father or of the child’s adoptive parents. It's not a whim - he first asked me if he could change his surname 5 years ago when he was 8!! You can go to almost any Internet search engine today and within a few minutes find hundreds of questionable "facts." I've seen the same birth recorded as happening in Florida in the 1600s and in Utah in the early 1800s. I've seen records of mothers who supposedly gave birth to children at the age of five, as well as twenty-two-year-old grandfathers.

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