The change manager (managing the people change) and the project manager (managing the technology change) must plan together; they work in parallel but have constant interaction to make sure the initiative is moving ahead on both fronts. To prepare adequately for change management, you need to hear from leaders who have managed change successfully — but not without stumbling and experiencing some failures along the way. Forrester’s Business Process Forum, which will take place on September 22 and 23 in Boston, will feature a keynote panel on change management that will include business and IT executives who are steeped in change management experience. Organizations fail to realize the impact of change on the employees it will affect and do not plan and execute carefully enough to address the people issues through all phases of business process change management.

They will interact around getting started with change, keeping the change efforts moving, and sustaining change until it’s embedded into the culture. Get in as soon as possible and begin to communicate, communicate, communicate about the change, and the why of the change.
Today’s business environment is constantly changing as companies work to stay competitive. By not preparing the people, you change process may take longer and you may have more agitated employees but keep working on it, listen to employees, and help them move to the next phase.

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