This tutorial is simply tell you how you can change your internet bowser homepage in your Samsung Galaxy S3. If your browser keeps changing your search engine, even after you change it to something else, you may be infected with malware or adware that has hijacked your browser. Once you've changed your search engine, any searches you perform in the address bar will use the chosen engine. With the default search engine changed, you can enter your search term into the address bar, and Firefox will search using your selected engine. Virus scanners can protect you from a lot of threats, but there are countless programs that aren't classified as viruses that can still wreak havoc on your browser.

By default, my SGS3 internet browser setting is pointed to the homepage of the tele company website where it actually promoting their plans and some addon services. You are done and you can see the default page you set when you open your internet browser in your SGS3. You can change your default search engine, though some browsers make it easier than others. You will see two lists: "Default search settings" and "Other search engines", which are added as you browse sites. Malware and adware are often installed alongside other programs, and one of the main symptoms is a search engine that won't change.

I prefer to have Google Search Engine become my homepage when I start up my internet browser.

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