There are several tools you can use to increase your ability to communicate telepathically.
This can take quite a bit of practice for the sender to focus and concentrate on the image they want the receiver to pick up. No matter how outlandish you may think the idea of communicating telepathically is, it is something you can do. But over a period of time and many trials, the results will show your telepathic abilities.

Most individuals can induce almost hypnotic trance where their mind is open and their body is relaxed. Your partner (sender) may not be strong in his psychic abilities and this may result in his sending weak images and can mess up your results.
Some of the simpler telepathy tests are designed to simply see if you have any psychic ability at all. Keep in mind that clairvoyance, ESP, precognition and telepathy are all a part of the same telepathic skill-set, so developing one aspect of these abilities can lead to an increase in the power of the others by default.You can access the power of your sub-conscious, simply by using exercises in deep breathing and meditation.

These exercises help your accessing other aspects of telepathic skills and your psychic, developing the section of your mind responsible for these skills. Regardless of the range of your physic and telepathic abilities now, you can both strengthen the range of your abilities and develop your psychic talents further.

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