When the course is taught again next fall, Stringer expects to partner with NGOs to create an essay and poster competition for the elementary school students. In between his time at Hasbro and when he returned to Kelley, Palmer led the alternative card business at American Greetings, where he was instrumental in developing a successful partnership with comedienne Ellen DeGeneres. On this, his first book about the person who many deeply associate with journalism studies at IU, Johnson worked with staff at IU Archives and the IU Lilly Library and students in The Media School. Since returning from his first trip to Paris a week ago, Reed has reached out by phone to the person who he today counts as a friend. IU has also formed strong and productive partnerships with several other top Indian universities, including the University of Hyderabad, Symbiosis International University, Elite School of Optometry and SHODH: Institute for Research and Development.
Over the years, Hooda has worked to facilitate many opportunities for IU and Kelley students, arranging for them to meet top government officials and business executives in Delhi and elsewhere in the country.

Ismail noted that many Malaysians are studying in the acclaimed Kelley School of Business, but she would like to see more people from the Southeast Asian country come and, and like her, study the fundamental sciences. It attracted more than 7,000 people, including black business leaders from well-known companies including Bank of America Corp., Starbucks Coffee Co.
In advance of the conference, the four students researched Uber and kept track of its business developments and announcements. I thought I’d discuss slightly in-going through a depressive period being a bipolar person of what I encounter. The IU Office of Sustainability awarded him a $5,000 grant to help create the course, and he hopes to continue to develop the outreach initiative for children in the local community. Devi Singh, right, director of IIM-Lucknow, watched in May 2012 as Dan Smith, then dean of the IU Kelley School of Business, signed a partnership agreement between IU, Kelley and IIM-Lucknow.

22-26, is the largest diversity career expo in the country and one of the largest professional development and job recruitment events overall.
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