However, if you’re making strides nutritionally, adding the right forms of exercise built around a solid workout plan, you can melt inches quickly. Always start with bodyweight exercises to build strength, agility, and improve flexibility. Plus with strength, you can even begin to do lunge jumps once you get your balance and strength higher. Plus sprinting uses your leg muscles in a powerful way helping to boost lean mass and focus your body on burning fat. A strong core, which the plank builds, helps all your exercises and of course gives you even more confidence.
This is probably the most isolated exercise on the list, but it’s uses so much including your core. It sounds so simple, but it’s a tough exercise as most women have forgotten how to use only their body to get up and down. The longer you can keep a bear crawl going, the more strength and stamina you’ll need.
Like I mentioned above, with good nutritional habits, you’ll lose weight faster than you can imagine.

Try Torched In 20 if you’re a beginner and you want to ramp up with bodyweight circuits. Try the Fat Blasting Boot Camp if you want something that’s more intense and that will push your limits.
Jumping into weights or even heavy plyo too soon can increase injury which you want to avoid at all costs. Always keep really good posture so you don’t put too much stress on certain joints in your body.
You don’t have to go very heavy to begin to feel this exercise in your legs and even your core as you support the entire movement. It’s a total body exercise from the waist up and once you can do about 5 big girl pushups, your confidence will sore. By working on them and building their strength, you’ll ensure a high calorie burn and a body that focuses on body fat for fuel. When you do, you’ll quickly see the inches begin to fall off and your confidence skyrocket too! You can sustain jumping rope for much longer and mix in all sorts of variations to increase difficulty and even active rest.

Start by just jumping with both feet together and slowly progress until you’re doing alternating feet, double jumps, and even tricks. It’s an interval training workout your body will not forget, plus it’s a lot of fun! Pushing that limit is how you’ll burn fat and begin to hit your weight loss and strength goals. But more than just that, you’ll increase your agility, your balance, and your movement patterns. It’s amazing how fast things will change for you if you can commit to just a few of lifestyle tweaks. You’ll have to use your entire body for a quite chin up movement which is where the weight loss power comes in. While looking at it, you use your other hand and legs to lower to the ground until your laying completely down… with the arm that is carrying the light weight still up.

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