The Retreat will be led by an experienced team of Nan Tien monastics - both monks and nuns, several of whom are lecturers at universities and other tertiary institutions.
The retreat will be held at Fo Guang Shan Nan Tien Temple, a Buddhist monastery of the Chinese Mahayana tradition.
Humanistic Buddhism emphasizes the application of the Buddha’s teachings into our daily lives. The retreat will provide a unique experience of living in a traditional Buddhist monastery - to learn and practice the art of meaningful living or living Ch'an. The first day of the retreat is an orientation to adjust participants to the details of daily monastic life.

After becoming acquainted to the daily monastic routine, on day 5 of the retreat participants will proceed to an intensive meditation program and pilgrimage. The retreat will provide uniforms appropriate for both the climate and also the modest monastic environment. You will learn Buddhist practices such as chanting, meditation, sutra study, calligraphy and pilgrimage. While participants will not receive any formal monastic initiation or ordination, monastic basics such as sexual restraint and vegetarianism are required throughout the retreat. While personal religious conviction in Buddhism is not required and no tests of faith will be made on applicants, please be aware that you will be constantly surrounded by the strong religious character of the monastery.

Morning classes will consist of Buddhist lectures and include topics such as Indian Buddhism, Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and Humanistic Buddhism.

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