Tsogyaling Meditation Board President and meditation teacher Nancy Floy welcomes Beth Goldring to our sangha. Tsogyaling Board Member and meditation teacher Alison Oakes (left) meets with Tonya Sugarman (center) and Beth Kanji Goldring. Over 400 girls at the Dhammajarinee Witthaya Buddhist boarding school in Thailand are now practicing Transcendental Meditation as part of their curriculum.
The difficult, troubled past of the students was one of the main reasons for including Transcendental Meditation in the daily routine, alongside modern academic subjects and basic Buddhist teachings.
Kru Maew, a teacher at the Dhammajarinee Witthaya boarding school, says: “Our school in the first school in Thailand that incorporates the Transcendental Meditation technique to culture the students’ ethical values.

Gender inequality is still a big issue in Thailand, with girls from poorer areas being especially vulnerable to AIDS, drug abuse, violence, exploitation and illiteracy. Dr.Thich Tien-An, author of Buddhism and Zen in Vietnam, was one of Vietnam's most influential modern scholars and religious leaders. But after we introduced Transcendental Meditation and after they started practicing, I feel that now some students are more settled and some pay more attention to their studies,” tells Kru Maew, a teacher at the school. Buddhist Monks & Nuns are not allowed to have a wife or husband, girl friend, boy friend, or be in any kind of intimate sexual relationship. He traces the history of Zen within the general context of Buddhist thought, then focuses on the essential union of theory and practice, sitting and action, wisdom and compassion.

Each of the fourteen chapters fully describes a specific meditation practice, ranging from relatively simple to more complex techniques, as taught by the various traditions of Zen Buddhism.

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