I went home to practice posing and get ready for work, today I work the 10am to 6:30pm shift. This weekend I plan on setting up some time with Natalie to help me out with my posing, as well as FINALLY getting my BF%! This entry was tagged bikini competition, body building, bodybuilding, cardio, competition, competition prep, core, emerald cup, exercise, fit, fitness, food, foodie, glutes, goals, gym, health, healthy, HIIT, inspiration, lifting, meal prep, Strength training, weight lifting, weight loss, weight training, work out, working out, workout. I’m itching to move, absolutely bored out of my mind, I have exhausted all of my projects.

I thought it was because I ran out of coffee at home, but I think the true underlying reason is due to sitting at a desk. Really gotta figure out how to make better use of my YouTube account, definitely unorganized. I have been reduced to staring blankly out the Lower Lobby EBC doors, wishing I could be running home already.
Can’t wait to run home and eat some delicious spicy garlic chicken, cinnamon sweet potatoes, and baked brussel sprouts!

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