Bible marking– taught to me by Kathy Pollard, this is a way to keep a chain reference of Scriptures in your Bible.
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This will be especially helpful for times when you will be studying with others on a certain topic. For example, when Jesus told the thief on the cross that he would be in Paradise, the context tells us that this was likely a repentant man speaking to the Son of God who had power to forgive sins– still under the Old Law.

For example, in the Old Testament, false prophets are sometimes quoted before a true and inspired prophet will speak. Jesus’ comments to the adulterous woman make sense when you know how she was found and dragged to Him and the motives behind those who put her there (John 8). Out of context, it is a passage that is used by people who believe that baptism is not the way to receive forgiveness of sins.
No; to look at the full context carried out into the next verse we see that He is merely emphasizing the importance of spiritual treasure over earthly treasure.

For example, learning about the use of walls around cities in ancient times may help you understand or appreciate better the account of the destruction of Jericho.

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