With your decision to order this home method system, you have taken the first step toward making positive changes in your life forever.
Do not listen to any hypnotic CD's or meditation CD's while driving a car or while operating any machinery or equipment. Hypnosis was used during both World War II and the Korean War in the treatment of battle fatigue for pain control. Controversy surrounding hypnosis comes largely from religious circles, who believe that by giving up your control during hypnosis, such as allowing yourself to be put into a sleep-like trance, you are allowing the devil to take control. Although the word hypnosis itself comes from the Greek word hypnosis, which means sleep, hypnosis itself is not a state of sleep. Meditation is a way to quiet your body, heart and mind, and is an invaluable way to de-stress your life and yourself.

Through meditation you learn to release negative thoughts and emotions that rage within you and keep you from losing the simple ability to just be still.
Bauer for those individuals who prefer not only to take control of their life, but enjoy the comfort, convenience and money saving aspects of doing therapy in their own home.
The background music on these CD's has been specifically composed for each individual tape and CD to enhance the benefits. In Meditation we seek to do something immeasurably greater; we seek to be with God, to be with Jesus, to be with the His holy spirit. For the maximum benefits, we highly recommend that you listen to the CD's at least once a day.
What makes this system so special is that it's been proven over the years and it teaches you the techniques necessary to make the changes for a healthier, more peaceful and more productive life.

Our aim in Christian prayer and meditation is to allow God's mysterious and silent presence within us to become the reality which gives meaning, shape and purpose to everything we do, to everything we are. The task of meditation, therefore, is to bring our distracted mind to stillness, silence and attention.

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