TM is the stress management technique most widely recommended by doctors because of its proven benefits.
It is a mental technique, but as the mind settles down during meditation the body correspondingly becomes deeply rested. The health benefits of the TM  begin with your first meditation and become more established over time. A five-year study of medical care utilization statistics of people practicing the Transcendental Meditation program (mean N = 1,468) found an overall 56% reduction in hospitalization rate compared to the norm.

A five-year study of medical care utilization statistics on 2,000 people throughout the U.S.
Meditation in schools is becoming increasingly popular with a growing number of studies showing the effectiveness of quiet reflection on stress, anxiety and ADHD. Transcendental Meditation is a relaxed and focused attention on a special word or phrase, also known as a mantra, that is repeated during the quiet time of meditation. Each twenty-minute session of Transcendental Meditation gives you the experience of a unique state of profound rest that naturally dissolves deep-rooted stress and fatigue.

With regular meditation, your body eliminates not just daily tensions, but the deep-seated stress and fatigue that cause poor health. The group practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique had fewer hospital admissions in all disease categories compared to the norm (see chart on p.

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