Be The Change Earth Alliance (BTCEA) is a Canadian charitable organization founded in 2005 focused on the development of a citizen engagement program to support environmental, social and personal behaviour changes in community, the workplace, and in schools. The developer has posted a video demo of the app, and it’s available today for free in the iTunes app store. Join an innovative community of photographers, change-makers and communications professionals for two days of inspiration and discussion on the collaborative future of storytelling.
Young lowland Quichua sisters Josefina and Paulina Grefa greet me from the living room window of their home on the banks of the Arajuno River while I visit with their father. Adelie penguins in sunset light, pressed to change rookery locations by rising temperatures and changing ice on Antarctic Peninsula. At home and abroad we face the seemingly intractable problem of fundamentalist ideology, racism and tribal violence tearing apart the human fabric. His new article will appear in will be published in the journal Psychological Perspectives, Volume 56-1, the first issue to be published in 2013. Women wait at a phone center to receive calls from relatives living in the United States in the town of San Pablo Huixtepec in the Central Valley of Oaxaca.
A member of a central Washington Sureo gang smokes a cigarette while looking out from a tree fort in the backyard of a childhood friend’s house in Grant County, Washington, in December 2009.
Be The Change Earth Alliance is a Canadian charity that develops and delivers community-based education programs empowering people to respond, individually and collectively, to the ecological and social challenges facing our world today.
Be The Change inspires and facilitates the formation of Action Circles through a wide variety of community events and initiatives, including regular Awaken and Change symposium workshops, facilitator leadership trainings, Be The Change Circle teleseminars, The Great Turning  ‘Un-conferences’. In 2009, at the suggestion of an impassioned Action Circle participant, Be The Change began adapting its program for use within secondary schools.
Since its inception, the program has since been implemented into a wide variety of courses in over two dozen schools throughout the Lower Mainland (primarily Vancouver), where it has been extremely well-received by teachers and students alike. FREE DECEMBER TELECONFERENCE WITH LAUREN JINSHIL OLIVER Join Us All Year Long for the Beloved Community Teleconference Serieswith such luminaries as Riane Eisler, john a.
Explore our Archives of the 2013 Peacemaker Teleconference Serieswith such luminaries as Joanne Shenandoah, Peggy Rubin, Jean Houston, Agnes Pilgrim Baker, Monica Sharma, Starhawk, and Joanna Macy.

Some 150,000 years ago a small band of humans left Africa to populate the earth, according to DNA research and archeological finds.A  In 1999, I began my search for myths and primordial dreams that could link us to that time before the African exodus. All flowers are photographed in the field still attached to the plant with a natural light studio. On a rainy afternoon, 100 Congolese soldiers lined up in a shabby formation on their base to participate in the army’s new anti-rape exercise.
Vicente Bejamin Cadenas Rodriguez (foreground) opened the business after working in the U.S. Taking inspiration from the timeless wisdom of Mahatma Ghandi’s famous quote, “you must be the change you wish to see in the world,” the organization was founded on the belief that global issues are intrinsically tied to our own individual actions, and employs Action Circle methodology to provide participants with an engaging way to explore social and environmental issues, share their collective knowledge, and support one another in adopting sustainable lifestyle practices. A further three years of research, development and testing ultimately yielded the Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS) program. We believe that circles provide sustaining support for each of us to take our stand for the good, to contribute our talents to our community, and to co-create a culture of peace and sustainable life on earth. 1 in 4,000 people in Tanzania are albino, making albinism 5 times more common there than in Europe or North America, yet albinism is not well understood by fellow Tanzanians.
I visited the most remote, least-touched tribes in Africa, where I found oral stories, legends and archetypal dreams full of mystery and hidden meanings. Amazingly, anthropologists say that I am the only person to have ever recorded these narratives passed down through uncounted generations.
I work with individuals and communities suffering the post-traumatic consequences of war and violence in crisis areas of eastern Congo, northern Uganda, South Sudan and western Kenya. The recruits slouched and fiddled, listening to an audiotape of soldiers boasting after a gang rape and then pressuring a reluctant enlisted man to take his turn. Her uncle accepted money from men who came to the home one night and attacked Bibiana as she slept. This experiential educational curriculum addresses environmental and social justice issues in such a way that it empowers students to be a part of the solution, while at the same time fostering self-awareness, confidence, and meaningful connections between fellow students, their families, and the world at large. This year's series is co-sponsored by the Jean Houston Foundation and Be The Change Earth Alliance.

Myths about magical powers of albinos are abundant and they are often taunted, feared or shunned.
True to his word Joseph volunteers as a Youth Leader in Dar es Salaam reaching all youth and spreading the message that albinos are people with minds and hearts like everyone else. The residents are in the midst of a government-funded relocation program, so they can escape living on unstable land that is contaminated with lead.
He believes thatA  albino people have a responsibility to educate the community by integrating - not staying in the shadows of society. In the spirit of prevention, it is essential that the international community prioritize attention to the psychological perspectives involved in human rights issues. Many of the men telegraphed boredom and disagreement, clear signals that they didn’t feel the need to learn how to deal with women on that rainy day.
As we talked, news came on the radio of yet another albino killing in the northern part of the country. This center, one of five created by the United Nations, runs support programs ranging from Alcoholics Anonymous to trainings for new mothers. Very upsetting news that galvanized Joseph’s resolve - he volunteered to work with me as guide and interpreter to ensure success raising awareness for the plight of all albinos. She is the first albino member of parliament in Tanzania and is working to improve the situation for albinos in general, and Tindi and Bibiana in particular.
As a first step Bibiana is being fitted with a new prosthetic leg - one that will bend at the knee.

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