The Saucony Virrata continues a shift towards a more approachable brand of minimalism in the running shoe industry at large. One aspect of minimalism that I believe is critical to the feel and performance of running shoes is the degree of flexibility afforded to your foot to move relatively naturally. The Virrata looks and feels a lot like a traditional running shoe; much like the 4mm drop range of the Kinvara 3, Mirage 2 and Cortana previously discussed on this blog.

This is going depend a little on the individual runner but I would recommend this shoe to a runner looking for a minimalist daily trainer (for those accustomed to running in lower drop shoes) – especially for a runner doing some miles on hard surfaces in the city. I’ve been running and racing on mirages, I just changed to mirage 2 and they broke on the net top toe support.
To that end I wouldn’t describe the Virrata as being very close at all to a barefoot running experience, but it does have attributes that make it a reasonable choice for easy paced daily running.

Mirage for tempo runs perhaps whereas the Virrata is more suited to easy running although you could use the Mirage for this too.

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