If you’d prefer to go on with anxiety medicines or supplements, then we will help to answer some of the questions that people in your positions often ask in order to help you decide it a bit easier.
It is commonly used to treat patients who suffer from panic disorder, social or generalized anxiety disorder and depression.
Pexeva is used to treat things like generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, panic disorder, OCD and depression.
Anxietin does all of this in a non-stimulant and safe way that has none of the negative side effects seen with other social anxiety medications.

Anxietin provides a safe type of formula to relieve your symptoms that can be used at the same time as your other medications with no interactions.
Now, the name of the program should let you know that this is geared more towards panic disorders, but since you could experience panic attacks related to your social anxiety disorder, it is a viable option. This homeopathic medication works to relieve stress, panic and anxiety symptoms including things like worry, tension in the body, sensitivity, irrational fear and nervousness. It will also have none of the negative side effects that prescription anxiety and social anxiety medications have.

This is also an extended release tablet that restores the serotonin balance in an effort to reduce anxiety overall and OCD.

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