The purpose of the essays is to express your personal capabilities, character traits, thoughts and ideas, which will make you look different from other applicants and present you as a creative, committed and intelligent person.
As a rule, admission committees are looking for creative people who are able to think outside the box.
When  composing various essay examples, you will come across plenty of ideas that you may have rarely thought about before. Your essay must differ from hundreds and thousands of texts and sample essays that can be found online.
Once your essay, or at least a draft, is written, ask your friends or even people who do not know you well to read it. Finally, it should be mentioned that your essay should pass the criticism of one more person – you.
If you Google the phrase “personal essay” you will find a wide variety of interpretations for it. Personal scholarship admission essays are often needed for international students who participate in various scholarship programs. You may not get a Pulitzer prize or be recognized as the most successful essayist, but the ability to express own thoughts will help you in your studies and future career.

Therefore, there are several pre-writing tips for students who face difficulties coming up with interesting ideas for their essays. Analyze what you need to write in the essay and how you would like the readers to react to it. This is common because the human mind is always thinking about new ideas and solutions for different issues.
You may finish your essay with an appropriate citation or even a joke, something that characterizes you in general, something you will be remembered for.
Here, one should describe an experience obtained during such practice, problems and solutions that occurred, some personal feeling and emotions, prospects for the future, how this experience helped in achieving career goals, etc.
This is not to say that you have to be a professional novel writer, but you do have to know your point. In an essay you might want to tell people it’s addressed to about your skills and experiences, your knowledge and expectations from life.
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Narrative essays usually have fewer requirements as to the format when compared to admission essays. You will have everything readily available, and will not have to search for anything new at the last moment.
So, when you are sitting down to write an essay, you need to remember that you have to express your personality there.
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