What is treatment for tongue cancer

White tongue can be an indicator of several things, right from build up of debris due to poor oral hygiene to oral thrush, syphilis and leukoplakia. If it is due to yeast infection or oral thrush, then it would require appropriate treatment.
Another effective home remedy for oral thrush is garlic, while many people have benefited from the use of probiotics as well. If iy is not due to poor oral hygiene and oral thrush, then consider visiting your physician. Tongue cancer is one of the most common types of head and neck cancer that has severe repercussions.
A sub-type of oral cancer, tongue cancer affect 10,000 people in US alone while more than 37,000 people are affected by oral cancer.
1.Skin lesions, lumps on the outer layer of the tongue, ulcers etc that does not go away in 14 days. 4.Eating spicy foods- Spicy foods consumption on a continual basis can cause lesions in the opening of the mouth.
Tongue cancer diagnosis begins with a thorough medical checkup and physical testing of the patient. The treatment for tongue cancer can give very good results if it is done from the early states. Usually in the early stages, a laser surgical instrument or a cautery can remove the tumor directly from the mouth.
In the traditional form of treatment, the tongue cancer tumor removal surgery is done by cutting the jawbone and reaching to the tumor through a cut made in the neck.
The latest tongue surgery technique is done through the mouth, which is also known as transoral surgery, in which the tumor is taken out without causing any harm to the healthy tissues near the tongue.
Compared to traditional tongue surgery treatment, modern surgery does not cause any harm to the functioning an shape of the tongue or surrounding organs and cause no problems with speech or swallowing. Radidation therapy employs of high powered X-rays, with radioactive chemicals and electronic beams to counterbalance cancer cells.
Tongue cancer treatment prognosis may yield good results provided the treatment starts in the early stages. Tongue cancer treatment chemotherapy comes to the picture once the cancer has moved to lymph nodes around the neck. Although swollen tongue per se is not a major issue; however, this can just be a manifestation of some underlying serious medical condition anywhere else in the body. As mentioned, a swollen tongue is just a symptom of various underlying disease and medical conditions. The best way to treat a swollen tongue is to identify the root cause of the problem (the underlying disease) in order to provide the correct medication and management. Over-the-counter medications are always available and can help manage the swelling due to food allergies, especially in children. If the problem in the tongue is caused by a nerve damage, therefore tongue movement is a problem, then therapy can be employed to retrain patients for speech and swallowing.
If one is wearing any dental appliance, make it a habit to see the dentist every time there seems to be a problem with the appliance to avoid trauma to the tongue. Although antihistamines can heal allergies, it is still very important to take extra precaution on the food we eat so as not to induce allergic attacks. If the tongue swelling already obstructs the breathing pattern, always seek medical attention as soon as possible. Rinsing mouth and throat with warm water mixed with salt is a very popular home remedy for sore tongue.
Yogurt being a very good Probiotic, is packed with antibacterial effects and fends off yeast infections.
Pressing the affected areas with used and wet teabag is known to give much relief from the pain and heal the condition. Tea tree oil is packed with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and hence effectively cures sore tongues. Gargling mouth with a solution infused with coriander leaves extract is useful in curing sore tongue. Sore tongue is a fairly common condition that nearly everybody has experienced one time or the other.
Although prescription anti-inflammatory ointments are effective in curing the condition, they do not actually cure the sores, but soothes them from becoming irritating. This is a harmless, temporary, oral condition which gives the tongue a furry, dark appearance. Even though this problem can look very alarming, it does not develop any problems with health. Although very unappealing, a€?black, hairy tonguea€? is normally only a temporary and harmless condition. The condition is normally the results of protuberances on the tongue known as papillae which grow longer a€“ elongate a€“ and can not shed normally. If, despite regularly brushing your tongue and teeth at least twice a daily, this continue persists, you should see your primary care physician or dentist. Practice good oral hygiene as well as eliminate factors that could contribute to this problem a€“ for instance medications that have bismuth or tobacco use a€“ as these can help resolve this condition.
Brush at least 2Xs a day or especially after every meal if possible a€“ using toothpaste with fluoride.
This website is for informational purposes only and Is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Some studies have suggested that patients diagnosed with fissured tongue have a genetic predisposition.
The exact cause that leads to the appearance of the fissured tongue has yet to be identified. Genetic predisposition – the fissured tongue has been encountered in several members of the same family. Age – the condition is more frequent in older people and it also accentuated with age.
Geographic tongue – this is a condition in which the surface of the tongue has a map-like appearance. Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome – this is a rare neurological disorder, in which the patient suffers from facial paralysis, swelling in the face (including lips) and tongue fissures. Down’s syndrome – this is a genetic disorder, in which there is an extra chromosome causing a wide range of medical problems, including fissured tongue.
Pustular psoriasis – this is an uncommon form of psoriasis, in which raised bumps, filled with pus (white blood cells) appear on the skin. Orofacial granulomatosis – condition in which the soft tissues in the oral area are swollen, without any pain being associated with the disease. Acromegaly – this is a condition in which the anterior pituitary gland produces excessive quantities of growth hormone.
Sjogren’s syndrome – this is a chronic auto-immune disease in which the white blood cells practically destroy the exocrine glands (these are the lacrimal and salivary glands). In case there are a lot of grooves on the surface of the tongue and debris builds up in those fissures, the tongue might become irritated and painful. Burning mouth syndrome is the medical term for ongoing (chronic) or recurrent burning in the mouth without an obvious cause.
Other names for burning mouth syndrome include scalded mouth syndrome, burning tongue syndrome, burning lips syndrome, stomatodynia and glossodynia. Underestimating the temperature of steam, hot food, or liquids can cause a burn on your tongue, as well as on other areas of your mouth or lips. Burning tongue syndrome, also called idiopathic glossopyrosis, is a condition that can make you feel the sensation of burning on the tongue for no apparent reason. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are two types of burning tongue syndrome: primary and secondary. Whatever pattern of mouth discomfort you have, burning mouth syndrome may last for months to years. Some patients report that melting ice chips in the mouth or chewing gum helps improve or reduce the discomfort. A burn of the tongue can also destroy taste buds, creating a lack of sensation where the burn occurred.
If you have burning tongue syndrome, the severe, untreatable pain can sometimes lead to feelings of depression and anxiety.
Fissure is defined as a long, narrow opening or line of breakage in the form of a crack, split or groove. Fissured tongue is a rare condition that is characterized by grooves or furrows appear along the dorsum (Upper part) and lateral (toward the side) of the tongue. Fissured tongue is painless and patients experience no physical discomfort, unless debris is entrapped within the grooves. If the furrows still extends far down on the tongues surface, this can lead to bad breath, harbor microorganism that will result to infection.
Fissured tongue can affect all kinds of people in all kinds of walk in life whether you are healthy or sicked.

Bell’s Palsy. Is a Facial paralysis due to damage of the Facial Nerve or Cranial Nerve VII. Human Tongue is one of the most busiest muscles of the entire body, one of its major role is for the mastication of the food that we put inside our mouth.
Excessive intake of spicy food and extremely hot drinks. It has been reported that frequent eating of spicy foods and drinking very hot beverages can cause crack and furrows on the tongue. Existing of an underlying condition. Fissured tongue is most common found in people with Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome, granulomatous cheilitis, Bells Palsy and Down syndrome. Physical Examination. Fissured tongue is initially noticed by Dentists during patients Dental Examination. Proper Oral Hygiene. Patient is encouraged to practice good oral hygiene like brushing of teeth and cleaning of the top surface of the tongue to remove food debris that may cause irritation. Avoid Foods that may cause irritation to the tongue. Foods that are too spicy and highly acidic, extra hot beverages is not advisable to take by patients with Fissured tongue.
Follow up check up with your Doctor. If Fissured tongue is a complication of any under lying diseases mentioned above it is highly recommended to see your Doctor for proper evaluation.
Black hairy tongue is a harmless, painless and temporary condition of the tongue that gives it a furry and dark appearance. The symptoms of black hairy tongue are noticeable in appearance which means that there are no painful symptoms that can be experienced by the body. Other than the mentioned signs and symptoms, there are a few discomforts reported by patients experiencing this condition.
The main cause of such condition is due to too much yeast or bacterial growth within the mouth.
The normal color of the papillae is pinkish-white but as they grow the pigments from the drinks and food are caught in the papillae which dyes the tongue with a different color. Black hairy tongue is a temporary condition which should not give serious health complications although it can be annoying since they give a different taste in the tongue, and more specifically, they are very unattractive.
A home remedy as well, turmeric root when dried and ground into a powder forms a potent remedy for all types of sores specially tongue sores. For best results its powdered form can be added to a cup of milk that is warmed, the quantity of turmeric powder should not exceed 2 teaspoons at a time. The tea form of this herb is an excellent remedy for reducing the intensity of the occurrence of these ulcers on the tongue.
Herbal remedies procured from goldenseal are generally safe for everyone, however pregnant women should avoid it at all times.
Essentially Echinacea herb is used for treating infections and inflammations; it is an individual treatment for enhancing the immunity and keeping any sort of illness at bay. It has beautiful flowers in various colours that can be dried and then converted into capsules, tinctures, tea and even topical applications. Another common herb known for its pungent smell, it is bulb-shaped and is found universally since ancient times. Excellent remedy for treating all kind of sores, it is strong, hence has side effects .one can easily use it after consulting a physician. If this tongue problem is not associated with any health problem, then it can be alleviated with tongue cleaning or tongue scraping. Suttner holds a Bachelor of Science in Physiology and Psychology, with an Honours in Psychology from the Univeristy of Western Ontario, and a Bachelor of Dentistry from the Univerisity of Sydney. We provide different types of dental services, including emergency dentist, dental implants, tooth whitening and children dentistry. Numbness in the tongue area as well as tingling is experienced towards the later stages of cancer of the tongue. Eating betel, paan- Areca, paan, betel are available indigenously in India, and they are one of the biggest reasons tongue cancer is common in this country.
Alcohol consumption- Alcohool consumption can also cause tongue cancer but the risk is more if it is consumed along with smoking. A person may find it tough to open his or her mouth and at a later stage, it can lead to tongue cancer. The doctor does a biopsy in which a small piece of tissue may be removed and sent to lab analysis. This kind of surgery may disfigure the face, because problems to the neighboring organs impair speech and swallowing functions. The radiation oncologists (doctor are skilled in the treatment of cancer patients) monitor of every treatment session because they have to make note that non-cancerous tissue are not affected. However, prognosis of this cancer also depends on how the patient responds to the treatment and his or her general health.
The tongue is composed of muscles which are capable of contracting and swallowing, and its surface is lined with tastes buds that allow us to taste. The same medications apply to adults; however, additional medications might be added especially if the food allergy happens alongside other symptoms brought about by other conditions of the body systems.
If the tongue is swollen, it is quite difficult to swallow saliva, so as much as possible, eat foods that are less likely to produce fluid. The small whitish ulcers that crop inside the mouth make it extremely difficult for the sufferers to talk, eat, drink and brush teeth. Lots of prescription anti-inflammatory ointments are available from the drug stores, but using them for long term is not advisable. Salt being an excellent cleansing agent, helps in keeping the mouth hygienic, and thereby heals ulcers. The habit of consuming yogurt on daily basis even prevents the occurrence of this condition. It is also loaded with essential vitamins that heal sore tongue, and soothes irritation and smoldering sensation. Apply the affected area with a mixture of one teaspoon of baking soda and sufficient quantity of warm water to make a paste.
The affected part should be pressed with the tea bag for several minutes and a number of times a day.
Use a solution made of 10% tea tree oil and 90% water to wash your mouth several times a day. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties of aloe vera kill the bacteria and reduce inflammation inside the mouth. This commonly available item from the kitchen is packed with medicinal properties that assist in curing the most severe of canker sore.
Poor diet and deficiency of vitamin B complex are quoted as the main reasons for the occurrence of sore tongue. You accept that you are following any advice at your own risk and will properly research or consult healthcare professional.
This condition is also known as scrotal tongue, lingua plicata, plicated tongue or furrowed tongue. Most of the cases of fissured tongue are discovered through routine oral examination or by accidental findings. In such cases, apart from the mechanical cleansing of the tongue, you might be recommended anti-inflammatory medication in order to obtain pain relief.
The discomfort may affect your tongue, gums, lips, inside of your cheeks, roof of your mouth or widespread areas of your whole mouth. It is likely related to reduced estrogen levels, which causes the decline in the sensitivity of the taste buds. Occasionally, people with Sjogren’s Syndrome (rheumatoid arthritis, dry mouth, and dry eyes), diabetes, thyroid disease, and liver problems have burning mouth. It may occur every day, with little discomfort when you wake, but become worse as the day progresses.
Some medications seem to help but they are not currently or specifically approved for burning mouth. Second-degree and third-degree burns should always receive attention from a medical professional. However, this is typically a short-term complication, since your taste buds regenerate about every two weeks. But some studies suggest that certain factors may increase your risk of developing burning mouth syndrome.
Fissure can be shallow, but it may also varies in-depth approximately as deep as 6 millimiters, can be single or multiple.
Reports said that Fissured tongue is frequently diagnosed during adulthood though it may first appear and initially diagnosed during childhood period. If the furrows is too deep, irritating foods like spicy and highly acidic may cause burning sensation to the tongue.
It can be a result of poor nutrition, or infection, or in people who is suffering in other diseases.
It Is an Inflammatory disorder of the tongue manifested by discoloration of some portions of the tongue and having crack in the tongue’s surface.

Inability to control facial muscle on the affected side is one of the result of damage on Cranial Nerve VII. Physical Examination and observation of the tongue is done by doctors to verify the initial assessment. These are irritants to the tongue that may cause irritation and will promote swelling and discomfort. In Latin, this is referred to as lingua villosa nigra which is the lengthening of the bumps of the outer surface of the tongue or the papillae. The growth of bacteria occurs on the papillae which normally are short, rounded projections on the surface of the tongue. It is always best to keep a good oral hygiene since they can help prevent and get rid of the condition. Also known as stress ulcers, they are harmless, however, they cause a lot of discomfort and pain therefore people resort to herbal remedies for effective results. The pain caused due to these sores can be diminished by wetting chamomile tea bags and putting them on the affected area. This herb is used traditionally for sore tongue in the form of capsules tinctures and tablets.
Its antiseptic properties help in healing the sores quickly and also aids in getting rid of ulcers.
Therefore, the factors that usually cause the development of a white coating on tongue can be easily addressed. If the coating scrapes off, leaving a reddened area, then it is most probably yeast infection or oral thrush.
Your physician would perform certain diagnostic tests in order to ascertain the exact causes of white tongue. Brian Mooy, it has been a family practice focusing primarily on the prevention of dental problems, serving and being part of the Bondi Beach community. Mooy's replacement because of the identical nature of their treatment philosophy, the high quality of his dental skills, and his commitment to further education in all manners of modern dentistry. His wife, Cara, is a nurse in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Hospital for Women. The cancer can lead to one death very hour and there are more than 8000 deaths in US itself. The doctor finds out if there are cancer cells are present and if there are, he may recommend getting other tests done, which includes MRI scan, X-rays and CT scan.
There are more advanced techniques in radiation therapy called Intensity modulated radiation therapy and IGRT or image-guided radiation therapy which work to see that there is no loss of function for the tongue as well as surrounding tissues in a procedure done in just 5 minutes compared to the standard 15-20 minutes. Swollen tongue can be brought about by infection, inflammation, allergies, genetic disorders, trauma, cancers, metabolic diseases, etc. Though a fairly short-lived misery, the occurrence of sore tongues regularly is a great annoyance. Home remedies for sore tongue become an attractive and feasible option to deal with these frustrating ruptures inside the mouth. This astringent agent miraculously reduces the swelling and pain associated with canker sores. Apply the thick juice of the aloe vera leaves on the affected parts directly three times daily. Following a healthy and nutrient-rich diet along with some lifestyle changes are necessary to prevent the frequent occurrence of sore tongue. The condition is frequently associated with the geographic tongue (benign migratory glossitis) and it is also often encountered in Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome and Down syndrome. These drugs are especially recommended when there are fissures in the tongue and there is a lot of inflammation associated with the condition. By working closely with your health care team, you can often get burning mouth syndrome under better control. Occasionally, men or young people develop this problem; usually they have another condition called geographic tongue. Secondary burning mouth syndrome is that which is likely caused by another medical condition. Burning mouth syndrome usually doesn't cause any noticeable physical changes to your tongue or mouth.
These medications include certain antidepressants, an antiseizure medication, and gabapentin (a drug used to treat seizures and the pain associated with herpes).
This involve swelling and crack in the lips, furrows in the tongue, and paralysis of the face. Fissured tongue is common to people with Down Syndrome, reaching as many of 8 out of 10 children with Down Syndrome. Medical experts suspects some contributory factors that are being related with Fissured Tongue.
These are shed normally, but with this condition the papillae lengthen beyond normal which makes it look like hair growth on the tongue.
There are some cases though that the tongue will turn green, yellow, brown or other hue variations.
You may also seek medical attention if you are very particular about the appearance of your tongue, or if the signs and symptoms persist for more than ten days.
Their appearance is different in different cases but generally it is a yellowish pulp with red border surrounding it. Not only as a topical application can one use goldenseal as a mouthwash to provide relief from these sores on the tongue. Oral pills are very safe to use, however it might not suit everyone so it is advisable to consult a doctor .
But at times, this tongue problem may be caused by conditions that call for medical attention. Take a small amount of toothpaste on a soft brush and then brush the tongue slowly and gently, after which rinse your mouth with slightly warm water.
On the basis of the results of such diagnostic tests, he or she would prescribe the appropriate medications. In order to get the desired results, you need to wash mouth with warm salt water several times daily.
The acids and enzymes contained in different fruits help in curing these small painful sores that occupy the tongue and mouth. The fissured tongue affects 2-5% of the general population and it is more frequent in males than females. No biopsy is required for the diagnosis of the fissured tongue; the clinical appearance is often times enough for the confirmation of the diagnosis. It is believed that fissured tongue appears when a person does not drink enough water and when there is a lot of stress. This is a benign (mild, of no danger to health) condition in which red patches appear on the tongue surface and move from site to site. In summary, most burning tongue sufferers are women who were once super tasters and have now lost taste sensation.
Fissured tongue is not a contagious disease and affected individual cannot transport to others, but it can be a lifelong condition. The cause of this disease is unknown or idiopathic, but it has been inclined with some genetic problems.
The principal cause of this is still unknown but it has been related with the type of genes and those people with known allergies. The appearance may seem alarming at first glance but this does not cause any serious health problems and is usually solved without getting medical attention.
Some lifestyle conditions and habits of the individual contribute to the development of such condition.
Sometimes chemical irritations and overgrowth of fungi is also responsible for its frequent occurrence.
You can also employ a tongue scraper to remove that white coating from the surface of your tongue.
Even though it may be diagnosed in childhood, it is more frequent in older people and it tends to accentuate with age. Chinese specialists recommend the treatment of hormonal imbalances and guarantee an improvement of the fissured tongue. About one third of those with burning tongue will improve over 3 to 5 years without any treatment at all.
Unsweetened yogurt contains acidophilus bacteria, which can help to prevent the growth of candida albicans.

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