What is traditional medicine and modern medicine

No doubt, by now you have heard about the wonderful cosmetic procedure known as liposuction. Over the years, liposuction has become one of the safest and most effective cosmetic procedures in the industry. Whenever you here about any of the aforementioned stigmas surrounding liposuction, we can nearly guarantee you they come from this technique.
In other words, though it is still used today, traditional liposuction is old and outdated, and will not be recommended by most surgeons. With all this, it may seem easy to know exactly which type of liposuction you need; however, there are actually many factors that can go into it, some which may render certain types more dangerous than other.
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Though there are cases in which mistakes are made—mostly the result of cost cutting or inexperienced surgeons—on the whole, liposuction works for almost everyone, and it is all thanks to the many breakthroughs experienced within this procedure. Invented decades ago, traditional liposuction includes the use of larger cannulas, general anesthesia, and very invasive techniques. Both of these forms of liposuction are the most effective around, and are also among the safest. So, to find out what type of liposuction is good for you,—do your research and consult a professional physician that specialized in liposuction. However, unfortunately, many people believe in the social stigmas surrounding this procedure, calling it “unsafe” or “ineffective”; so what is one to do?  Well, first of all, you absolutely must put all of those negative assumptions out of your mind, as each and every one of them is completely false! While effective, it is also a much more difficult procedure to perform, and can cause many side effects, like bruising, or worse.
By using a smaller cannula, only local anesthesia, and a saline compound or laser to break down the fat in your body, surgeons can work on you without fear of hurting or making a mistake on you.

Furthermore, because traditional liposuction makes use of general anesthesia, the danger level is much higher, as there are many well-known psychological and physical problems that can come about with its use.
Better yet, both of these techniques afford short healing times, lower prices, and better results that not only take the fat off, but also help keep it off. To help you out with this, here are the biggest differences between traditional and so-called New-Age Liposuction techniques.
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